Electrafrique NBO Jan banner (1)

Soon after premiering another monthly Electrafrique dance party dedicated to African music lovers in New York in conjunction with Okayafrica, Electrafrique will be hosting a themed monthly event every third Saturday of the month at the Carnivore, in Nairobi. The event will feature renowned local & international acts on a regular basis. This will start on Saturday 18 January at Carnivore’s Simba Salon.

The reason behind this comes largely from the fact that most clubs in Nairobi will play you the same music; top 40 or commercial music. What you hear on radio is what you are expected to bump to every time you hit the clubs. Electrafique would like to change this by giving you a chance to enjoy exciting combinations of electronic and live music performances.

Hosted by Electrafrique’s pioneer DJ Cortega, in partnership with Electrique DJs and the authentic Beat Parade Band from Kenya, who are well versed with traditional instruments like drums and percussion, this music ensemble will merge live African music with an electro/futuristic twist.

Electrafrique is a premier dance music show, which brings together a worldwide network of artists fusing elements of African music with Electronic beats. Electrafrique finds roots in African rhythms and musical traditions, adding a contemporary urban/futuristic electronic twist to its groove.

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