Where you can get free breast cancer screening this month


Breast cancer

October is known as the pink month. it’s the official breast cancer awareness month. Many campaigns are run throughout the year but this month is when many hospitals and health practitioners emphasize on sensitizing the world on cancer.

Breast cancer mostly affects women but to some degree men are also affected. the best way to defeat this disease is to get early testing. This is why many hospitals have their various branches offering free screening as well as pap smear tests at reduced costs.We may have 11 days to go before the month ends, but it’s never too late to get tested.

These are some of the places you are guaranteed to get free breast cancer screening and other tests at reduced prices.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital is offering free breast screening and pap smear among other services at a subsidized price all through the month on a daily basis from 8 am through to 5 pm in all their branches through out the country.

Mater Hospital has free breast examinations throughout the month at their Westlands clinic and Thika Town clinics. They run from Monday – Friday 8 am through to 11 am. Additionally, their Mammogram, Breast Ultrasound and PAP Smear charges will be drastically reduced throughout.

The Aga Khan University Hospital will also have a breast screening on the 26th.

If you know of other places with offers this month let us know so we can spread the word and help others get tested.

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