How to dress up for an outdoor party in cold weather


Cold weather dressing

The weather has not really been friendly lately. This does not mean that we stop partying and having fun. With so many amazing events coming up you need to know how to dress up without freezing to death during the party. Here are some tips to help you look fabulous, stay warm and have as much fun as you can possibly have during a party on a cold day.

Layering up

This is one of the most fashionable trends that are gaining popularity fast. Wearing layers of clothing will help you look fashionable and keep warm. The best trick for layering up is to mix neutral colors. You can wear a black waist coat on top of a long sleeved white shirt and vice versa. You can also wear a vest with a stylish boyfriend jacket for warmth and style. If you are lucky to have a car, you can keep some of your layering in the car and use it when the weather goes chilly.

Replace hot pants and shorts with jeans or tights

Most ladies wear hot pants to outdoor parties. With the cold weather, wearing hot pants is like digging your own grave because in one way or another, the cold will get to your chest and this is not something that you want. Jeans are still stylish. They will look amazing with almost any kind of fancy top that you are planning to wear with your hot pants. If you feel that you will not look great in jeans, leggings can work. You should wear thick leggings that go up to your ankles. This way, you will look both stylish and classy while warm.

Closed shoes

Sandals are not the perfect shoes for a party that will probably go in to the night during cold weather. If you are a flat shoe person, you can wear doll shoes, heels, or brogues. If you are a heel person, you can wear laced heels or heeled brogues. These shoes always look great with jeans and tights. Wear shoes that will keep your legs protected from the cold and that will keep you comfortable.

Makeup and jewelry can be worn in any way that you want. You can wear bracelets and necklaces on top of the long sleeved shirts. This will guarantee that you look both fashionable and elegant while keeping warm and having a good time.

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