EABL Marketing Manager Spirits, Rosemary Momanyi

EABL Marketing Manager Spirits, Rosemary Momanyi

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has taken the brandy experience a notch higher by introducing a premium, smoother Richot Brandy, with enhanced packaging, into the market.

The new Richot Brandy has been distilled and then undergone a 5 year maturation process in oak casks in Italy. To complement the improved, fuller bouquet brandy, is a rich new look whose aesthetic appeal reflects the intrinsic greatness inside the bottle.

The Richot Brandy relaunch took place at the EABL premises in Ruaraka and at the event EABL’s Marketing Manager for Spirits, Rosemary Momanyi said:

As we toast to this milestone in the life of EABL, we would like to thank our loyal Richot consumers, who have stuck with the brand through the years. The new-look, better-tasting Richot Brandy, is indeed a result of their faithfulness, and our need to give them better quality that is unmatched in the market.

We will embark on a countrywide campaign dubbed ‘Share the warmth’ in an effort to assure our consumers of our commitment to bring them only the best. We would like to hear your ‘Share the warmth’ experiences, because we know that Richot is a brandy that brings out the warmth of friendship as it is shared among friends.

She then invited those present, i included, to sample the new 5 year matured brandy and i have to say that the difference ,from the old one, is distinct and in a good way.