Airtel Africa plc has today announced the retirement of the Chief Executive Officer, Olusegun “Segun” Ogunsanya, with effect from 1 July, 2024.

Mr. Ogunsanya, who joined Airtel in 2012, ran the Nigeria Operations of the Telecommunications and mobile money company for nine years before his appointment as CEO of the Group in 2021. He led the company in maintaining double-digit revenue growth over many quarters and to deliver new, innovative products to its customers across the continent.

Mr. Ogunsanya will become the Airtel Africa Charitable Foundation’s inaugural Chair. The Charitable Foundation will accelerate the Company’s commitment to its sustainability initiatives and charitable operations across its locations in Africa. The Charitable Foundation’s objectives will focus on promoting digital inclusion, financial inclusion, access to education, and environmental protection. The Charitable Foundation will be a separate legal entity and be independent of the Airtel Africa Group.

Following his retirement from Airtel Africa plc, Mr. Ogunsanya will also be available to advise the Chairman, the Airtel Africa Board and Chief Executive Officer for a 12-month period.

The Company has also announced the appointment of Sunil Taldar as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer to succeed Mr. Ogunsanya on his retirement. Mr. Taldar, who joined Airtel Africa in October 2023 as Director Transformation, will begin the transition to the CEO role, working alongside Mr. Ogunsanya. Following a transition period, Mr. Taldar will be appointed to the Board as an Executive Director and assume the role of CEO on 1 July 2024, at which time Mr. Ogunsanya will step down from the Board and retire from the Company.

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Airtel Africa plc said: “On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Segun Ogansanya for his commitment and significant contribution to Airtel Africa plc as Chief Executive and before that as Managing Director and CEO of Nigeria, our largest market in Africa. I am pleased Segun has agreed, following his retirement, to assume the new role as Chair of the Airtel Africa Charitable Foundation, where he will bring his visionary leadership to this new philanthropic initiative to advance development and prosperity across Africa. Segun will retire from the Board with our very best wishes and sincere appreciation for everything he has achieved.”