Old Mutual Health has launched the innovative Pharmacy First service in partnership with Haltons Pharmacy and Goodlife Pharmacy.

These strategic partnerships are set to revolutionize how primary healthcare is accessed and delivered, offering professional advice and treatment for minor ailments at selected pharmacy chains Haltons Pharmacy and Goodlife Pharmacy branches.

Under the program, which is covered under Old Mutual’s medical covers, clients can visit accredited pharmacies for consultation with clinicians, and receive necessary medications if the condition can be managed there. The Pharmacy First service offers convenience and efficiency, ensuring patients receive the care they need and exactly when they need it.

“The Pharmacy First programme is designed with people’s health and convenience in mind, prioritising accessible and efficient healthcare solutions. At Old Mutual, our business decisions are informed by unique customer needs and emerging global trends. The program we are unveiling today underscores that. We remain committed to our customers’ needs at all times,” Old Mutual Health’s Managing Director Japheth Ogalloh “By utilising community pharmacies as the first point of care, the initiative aims to address minor health concerns promptly, effectively, and affordably.”

The Pharmacy First model creates new care pathways by elevating the status of community pharmacies as primary care providers.

“We are proud to have designed the pharmacy-first program and pioneered it with Old Mutual. We strongly believe this program will significantly improve the healthcare experience for Kenyans through a faster and more efficient way to address minor ailments,” mPharma’s (Haltons Pharmacy) CEO Gregory Rockson.

“We are excited about this partnership with Old Mutual, and as we strive to deliver quality healthcare and wellness to all. With more than 140 pharmacy stores spread across Kenya and Uganda, we are committed to delivering affordable and accessible healthcare with this initiative.”

“The Pharmacy First Program is a significant step towards revolutionizing healthcare accessibility in Kenya. It empowers patients with minor ailments to access quality treatment and medication at any of our pharmacies countrywide and, with this our customers are guaranteed of saving time and money.” Justin Melvin, CEO Goodlife Pharmacy.

The care teams offering the Pharmacy First services comprise clinicians, nurses and pharmacists, who coordinate both physical and virtual clinical assessments, medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses. For complex health issues, clients will be referred to Old Mutual accredited hospitals for specialized care.