Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has pledged to streamline its processes to make them more straightforward for large taxpayers to uphold compliance.

Speaking during an engagement with large taxpayers held at Ole Sereni Hotel, Nairobi, KRA Commissioner General Mr Humphrey Wattanga said that KRA estimates a collection of Ksh. 1.1 Trillion from large taxpayers in the Financial Year 2023/24.

That in the financial year 2022/23, large taxpayers contributed Ksh. 818 Billion in revenue, representing a remarkable 9% growth from the previous financial year 2022/2023. He said that KRA has developed a Relationship Management Framework that will help facilitate the taxpayers to enhance their contribution.

“At KRA, our commitment is not only to collect taxes but also to support you in
upholding compliance, while efficiently contributing to our nation’s economic
agenda. To facilitate this, we have established a dedicated office for our large
taxpayers known as the ‘Large Taxpayers Office’ (LTO), which will continue to
engage and partner with you through a Relationship Management Framework.”
Said the Commissioner General.

KRA has adopted taxpayer engagement programme aimed at interacting in
open discussions with taxpayers and to develop workable solutions to various
economic and taxation challenges faced by various taxpayers.

Through the engagements, KRA also aims to unlock and provide feedback on
the concerns raised by taxpayers. The Authority is now committed to
strengthening its relationship with taxpayers to ensure that all concerns are
addressed promptly.

Large taxpayers are those who accrue an annual income of up to Ksh. 1.3
Billion. Currently, there are 2,089 registered large taxpayers from various
sectors of the country’s economy.