Netflix has indicated that you will no longer be able to share your password with friends and family as the company moves to seal its revenue leakages.

In a recent letter to shareholders, Netflix indicated that tackling account sharing between households has been the company’s focus as it undermines the ability to invest to improve Netflix for the paying members and grow the business.

In a response to password sharing, the company introduced a paid sharing feature to 100+ countries, which account for over 80% of our revenue. However, Kenya is sadly not among the countries where this feature will be available given the fact that given that they have recently cut their prices. As such individuals who have been borrowing Netflix will now have to transfer existing profiles to new and existing accounts.

The company indicated that it is focused on creating a steady drumbeat of must watch shows and movies. Improving monetization; growing the enjoyment of games; and investing to improve service for members.

The company will reportedly focus on engagement because it’s closely linked to satisfaction and retention. Key for Netflix members is the variety and quality of content because of the need to invest across genres, cultures, and languages.

In June, the company introduced Netflix Top 10, which provides weekly engagement data for top shows and movies, across 93 countries. The company continues to provide total hours viewed, but now rank titles by the number of views that is total hours viewed divided by the runtime.