Zamara Group, has announced a sponsorship of Ksh. 1 million to Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation for its 2nd Annual Family Walk for Cancer event.

The event aims to raise awareness on childhood cancers to improve early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children.

According to Ministry of Health’s Cancer Taskforce report, July 2022, cancer is the third leading cause of death both globally and in Kenya and the second leading cause of Non-Communicable Disease deaths after cardiovascular diseases.

As reported by GLOBOCAN, the annual incidence of cancer was reported as 47,887 cases in 2018, with a mortality of 32,987 , whilst  incidence of cancer reported in 2020 was 42,116 with a mortality of 27,092. The report further estimated that there are 3,200 new cancer cases among children below 18 years with the top five common cancers among children being Leukaemia, Non-Hodgkin’s 7 lymphoma, kidney cancer, brain cancers and cancer of the naso-pharynx .

The 2nd Annual Cancer Walk event, slated to take place on 21st May 2023, is expected to attract more than 2,000 participants including children and their families as well as corporate organizations, and government agencies. The event expects to raise funds that will go towards supporting Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital’s efforts to improve early cancer diagnosis and treatment in children especially from poor and vulnerable families.

Rosalyn Mugoh, Managing Director, Zamara Risk and Insurance Brokers Limited, emphasized on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment in the fight against cancer, especially in children. “We believe that no child should ever have to suffer through the pain and uncertainty of cancer. By supporting initiatives like the Gertrudes Hospital Foundation’s 2nd Annual Cancer Walk event, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and improve access to quality healthcare for all the children who need it.”

Zamara’s sponsorship is part of the company’s commitment to giving back to the community and supporting healthcare initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives.