LG Electronics (LG) new CEO, William Cho, has unveiled the company’s priorities for 2022. Mr. Cho stressed on the importance of being more strategic in the new year to increase customer value and strengthen existing businesses while preparing for all future possibilities. He further voiced his appreciation to all staff for a successful year that saw much change and growth amidst the challenges of an evolving global market.

“We will do what needs to be done to make management more agile and have the courage to implement new ways to meet the demands of a fast-changing business environment. LG has and will always produce high-quality products. Going forward, we will place a greater emphasis on the overall customer experience with our concept of FUN, for first, unique and new, three attributes that will be featured prominently in all customer experiences in 2022,” said Mr. Cho in his end of year employee address.

According to Cho, customer experience innovations will include additional contact opportunities with even more customers to more accurately predict and respond to new lifestyle and market trends. He added that the ongoing digital transformation in LG’s evolution is now a part of every aspect of LG’s business from planning to operations, increasing efficiency and improving competitiveness.

“We will accomplish this by building on what we have created, strengthening our planning for the future. Our focus will be on maximizing the growth potential of our existing businesses and seeing every transaction from the perspective of the customer experience. It is essential to our success that we adopt a more organic way of operating to reduce and eliminate barriers and divisions between departments and business units to allow employees to communicate and coordinate more freely,” Cho concluded.