Kwara, a digital banking fintech startup, has partnered with WorkPay, a people management platform, to provide human resource management and payroll processing solutions to SACCOs in Kenya.

The partnership will enable SACCOs to automate their human resource (HR) processes as an additional service to Kwara’s products. These products include core banking, online and mobile banking and open API service.

Through the partnership, SACCOs will be able to carry out seamless payroll processing into SACCO accounts and enjoy access to a HR module for efficient management of their staff. This will allow them to manage their HR functionalities such as time and attendance, leave management, payroll processing, compliance and performance management for their employees.

This partnership is a strategic initiative to drive digitization of SACCOs through leveraging on both Kwara’s and WorkPay’s proven strengths in the digital banking and HR space.

Commenting on the partnership with WorkPay, Cynthia Wandia, co-founder and CEO Kwara said, “We are constantly seeking to offer SACCOs a complete package to run their operations. Our partnership with WorkPay is in line with our ambition to build the infrastructure that connects SACCOs and their members to existing infrastructure. We are excited for this next step in getting SACCOs a fully integrated, digital operating system.”

On his part, Paul Kimani, co-founder and CEO of WorkPay noted, “Our goal is to aid African SMEs in their growth by providing them with tools that bring efficiency in their people operations. SACCOs are important financial institutions to millions of people in Africa and what Kwara is doing with them resonates with our mission at WorkPay.”