Sendy, a technology firm with operations in Africa, has introduced a fulfillment service titled Sendy Fulfillment, for online retailers. The new service will allow retailers to focus on growing their businesses and selling more.

Sendy Fulfillment, which launched today, is a digital-enabled platform that relieves online sellers of logistics difficulties while also insulating them from the high operational costs that come with logistics.

The Fulfillment solution will pick, pack, and ship orders to customers for a fee of 13% of the product’s selling price. The price also includes picking up the shipment from the vendor’s location, three shipping attempts, 60 days of storage, and inventory tracking. Businesses using the solution will be able to access quick and flexible financing to buy additional inventory and manage their cash flow.

Fashion and electronic accessories, books, packaged food, beauty, baby products and fitness equipment are among the first items to be sold. Vendors simply register on the Sendy Fulfillment platform, upload their inventory, and send items to a Fulfillment center near them. When a consumer places an order with a vendor, Sendy ships it on the vendor’s behalf from the Fulfillment center closest to them.

A normal delivery within Nairobi costs between Ksh. 300 and Ksh. 1,000 per shipment measured per mile. Sendy Fulfillment will provide low and mid-priced items with affordable delivery pricing and tracking services, allowing businesses and customers to follow the exact position of their orders while they are in transit. The customer can also choose a delivery time and location that is convenient for them.

“Online shopping is booming, and locally owned firms are increasingly focusing their efforts on packing and shipping them to customers rather than selling. “We want small business owners to focus on selling and building their enterprises, customer service, and repeat business while Sendy Fulfillment’s digital platform takes care of the logistics. If e-commerce shops and other small businesses do not carefully manage their inventory, monitor, and estimate sales in the post-pandemic economy, they risk dead inventory and financial loss,” said Chris Nyaga, Sendy Fulfilment’s General Manager for East Africa.