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People gradually adopt new habits they think will make them more interesting over the course of their lives. Certain habits make us less attractive to different people including potential partners, employers and even friends.

However, most people forget about the internal aspect of attraction. It is not always about physical appearance, although it is important to shine through in the inside and on the outside.

If we are not attractive, it is because we lack authenticity. Being authentic is more interesting, because it shows who we really are and does not create false expectations. Furthermore, we have to keep in mind that attraction is a manifestation of our personal energy and affects all of our relationships. We can attract optimistic and positive people or pessimistic ones.

Here are 10 habits that could be making you less attractive.

1. Feeling overly entitled

When I think of entitled people, they are incredibly narcissistic and unapologetically ruthless. If you want to work on this, develop self-awareness and stop assuming everything should go according to your will.

2. Pessimism

Do not always be the negative person in the room. You never see anything good, you criticize thoughts and actions, even good ones. The worst part is that pessimism is contagious. Not only is it a burden to yourself, but that negative energy puts everyone else in a bad mood. If you are not willing to change your attitude, then don’t expect people to stick around. It is a toxic habit, so don’t let pessimism ruin your attractiveness.

3. Always complaining with no solutions

We all complain, but complain and come up with a solution. When you complain without any solution or have not taken the time to think of a better result, that tells me you’re lazy. This also tells me that you are not a fixer, but an incompetent person who likes playing the victim. Get to work and find a way to get yourself out of a hard situation.

4. False pride

Anyone who wholeheartedly believes they have the right to judge others – but have done the same or worse – has false pride. Making quick judgements and acting perfect and above everyone else only makes you a hypocrite. False pride is very unattractive.

5. Being rude

Do not be rude for no reason. Sometimes, inconvenient scenarios happen, and that is life. Learn how to control your emotions and do not let trivial things infuriate you. Remember that if you don’t have control over the situation, then your rudeness is unwarranted.

6. Always in competition with others

While good competition is encouraged, to constantly one-up someone is very unattractive. There is nothing wrong with sharing your success, but to see everyone else as competition is unhealthy for you. If anything, it reveals your jealousy. Learn how to be happy for others, instead of selfishly wanting the spotlight.

7. Unreliable

If people cannot trust you, do not be surprised if no one is there when you need them. Realize that to break commitments, you break your credibility. Make reminders, mark it on your calendar, do whatever it takes to be a more reliable person. It is easier to lose people’s trust in you than to keep it, so don’t give them that option.

8. Control freak

Control freaks are incredibly difficult to deal with, because they have the need to make every decision. No one wants to be around you if you keep this up. You need to break out of this overbearing habit, because it will translate into your friendships, workplace, and life in general. Take a step back and learn to let go a little bit.

9. Poor listener

Habits like interrupting someone, zoning out, or using your phone while with others makes you a bad listener. It will absolutely drive others crazy when you are too consumed with your own self. Be attentive and focus on what other people have to say. A good listener is extremely attractive.

10. Never keeping time

Running late is forgivable, but there are times when it is non-negotiable. Meetings, appointments, and deadlines do not have room for lateness. Making your friends or important people wait can be a deal breaker. Be consistent with your time, then people won’t get tired of waiting for you to show up.