Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has relaunched the Mr. Dowell’s whiskey into the Kenyan market, primarily targeted at young, upwardly mobile and fun-loving consumers. Mr. Dowell’s whiskey has a golden colour that signifies its quality and aesthetic appeal.

The whiskey is priced at Ksh. 220 for 250 ml bottle from the initial price of Ksh. 260 and a new premium package 750 ml bottle for Ksh. 700. This makes it one of the most affordable quality whiskey from the company. The new whiskey targets discerning consumers who desire quality whiskey at an affordable price, assuring them of the high-quality standards associated with Kenya Breweries.

Speaking at the Mr. Dowell’s whiskey relaunch in Nakuru, Faith Nyambura, Senior Innovations Manager at KBL said, “Mr. Dowell’s is an internationally renowned whiskey made from a blend of Scotch whiskey, imported malts and select African spirits. It contains 40% ABV in a bottle of 750ml. At KBL we are constantly finding new ways to innovate and produce quality products at an affordable price to discourage the use of illicit brews.”

Packaged in a tamper-proof bottle designed to give it a contemporary look, Mr. Dowell’s is a drink that meets the changing realities of modern times. It can be enjoyed in small groups in a social setting or by individuals who desire to have a great time with their families or friends within the comfort of their homes.

KBL promises to respond to the ever-changing tastes and preferences of Kenyan consumers and also to meet the growing demand for spirits in the market at an affordable price.