Women are complex creatures. We are wired to overthink and over analyze almost everything. Do you ever talk with your partner or look at them and wonder what was going on in their head? Do you think she gets mad over nothing? Well, what seems as a non-issue for most men actually rocks a lot of women’s boats. And when we say we are fine and say nothing else, be afraid.

To understand women, you have to understand how they think. I have compiled below a few tips for the blind boys out there. Clear your head and understand these 6 things women would like you to know.

1. Please listen

Listening is very essential, and it is important that you do so. When you do not listen, you tend to give out a signal that says you are not very interested. When speaking to her, make sure you listen to your woman and acknowledge her concern. She probably had a bad day and you are the only one she can vent to. Just nodding your head does not mean that you are actually listening to her. Active listening will keep you up in her good books.

2. Do not rush it

It is absolutely distasteful and disrespectful of men to aim for the shortest route to bed. They would do anything and everything for the first few months so as to get to have sex. But women do not like that, they like to take things slow. Now, women are different, and get with you for different reasons, but if she sees herself with you in the future, she’ll want to be sure. Being sure for her means taking her time with you.

They may like you, lust for you, desire you and find you extremely attractive, but they are holding themselves back when it comes to sex because they like to take some time before reaching the bed.

3. Tell the truth

Women like and value honesty. They are absolute haters of all things dishonest. If you are dishonest then you you lose out on her trust, and that can cause trouble. And don’t we all know how hard it is to trust someone who has lied or betrayed us before. Make sure that you are honest and truthful to your woman, and she would love you for this forever.

4. We are jealous

Women can feel very jealous when their man likes another woman even in a friendly way. So, do not be alarmed if she is hard on you at times like these. Jealousy is natural, she thinks that you belong to her, and that she deserves all of you all the time. Women are jealous creatures.

So take it easy on that friendliness and touchiness with your female friends. We do not like it at all.

5. We like to be appreciated

Women can do a great deal for the man of their life, but they would like to feel appreciated. Women do not like to be ignored or thrown around after all the love and care that they show.

If you value her, appreciate her. She made you coffee? Say thank you? Run your errands? Appreciate her. I am guessing by now you know her love language. Maximize on that knowledge and make her feel special. We really like that.

6. Adore her body

You love your woman and this means that you love her body too. When making love, make sure to love the length and breadth of her body, and you need to tell her and assure her that her body is wonderful. She would love it, and will be more comfortable around you.

Considering how women’s bodies change over time due to age, childbirth and other factors, assure her that she is beautiful every single day. She will love it.