Vertiv, a global provider of digital infrastructure, has introduced the Vertiv VRC-S, a fully factory-assembled micro data center designed for fast and easy installation at the edge of the network and other small IT sites. The Vertiv VRC-S is available now in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The Vertiv VRC-S incorporates a rack power distribution unit (rPDU), the Energy Star 2.0 certified Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS, monitoring sensors and software, and the latest Vertiv VRC rack cooling system in a highly-efficient IT rack.

Speaking at the launch, Alex Pope, vice president of integrated rack solutions for Vertiv in EMEA said, “Choosing and deploying a micro data center has never been faster or easier, and it can even be experienced virtually with our new augmented reality app. The Vertiv VRC-S is a very efficient plug and play solution that can be delivered to your location with integrated UPS, which powers both the in-rack cooling and backup ventilation as well as the power distribution for IT assets, with pre-wired monitoring for simple connection to your utility power and network.”

The Vertiv VRC-S is ideal for edge deployments such as retail stores and distribution, transportation, healthcare and light industrial applications. The micro data center can also be experienced virtually with the latest Vertiv XR app, the new AR-powered mobile application that enables users to embark on an immersive exploration of all the unit’s components.

The latest micro data centers are designed to support edge computing applications, meaning anywhere that critical, small-footprint compute resources are needed. Unlike prefabricated modular data centers which are typically larger stand-alone installations deployed outside main buildings or in remote locations, micro data centers the size of a standard IT rack can be deployed in environments such as offices, clinics, retail stores, or other commercial or industrial spaces.

The Vertiv VRC-S enclosure utilizes unique pseudo hot/cold aisle inside the rack for efficient airflow and prevention of hot spots. The rack-mounted cooling unit in the Vertiv VRC-S is designed specifically for edge computing IT loads. By using speed-controlled fans in combination with a variable speed compressor, the unit adapts the cooling capacity to the actual IT heat dissipation, thus minimizing energy consumption.

The Vertiv VRC-S comes with a three-year warranty covering the entire system. Installation and preventive maintenance services are available through local, factory-trained Vertiv services professionals and channel partners.