Nation Media Group’s Group Editorial Director, Mutuma Mathiu, has announced 7 senior appointments in the Editorial Department. The new appointments are aimed at strengthening the Group’s ongoing efforts to strengthen journalism and give effect to its online platform, Nation.Africa.

The following are the announced senior appointments

1. Africa Editor and GM Editorial, NMG Uganda – Daniel Kalinaki

Daniel will spearhead our Africa coverage and provide much-needed leadership for the Group’s expansion into Africa while maintaining his current responsibilities. He will reports to the Group Editorial Director on matters Africa.

2. Managing Editor, Broadcasting – Joseph Warungu

Joseph is a broadcast journalist of international repute with vast knowledge of, and experience in covering Africa. His contribution to the professional growth and digitization of our broadcast operations are invaluable. This role reports to the Group Editorial Director with a road map to the Head of Broadcasting.

3. Managing Editor, The EastAfrican – Jackson Mutinda Munyao

Mutinda will be charged with re-asserting the Nation’s presence in the region by strengthening The EastAfrican, exploring new products, building new partnerships and overseeing the integration of the brand into the Nation.Africa branded house. He comes to office at a time of great promise in the region. He will report to the Group Editorial Director.

4. Editor, Business Daily – Michael Omondi

Michael understands and personifies the ethos of the Business Daily, and his priority assignment is strengthening content and overseeing the integration of Business Daily into Nation.Africa. He will report to the Group Editorial Director.

5. Editorial Administration Manager and Managing Editor, Taifas – Peter Ngare

Peter will help take care of budget, staff welfare, arranging training, among other administrative duties, during this difficult time. He retains his position in Taifa and will combine the two roles. Peter will report to the Group Editorial Director.

6. Editor, Saturday Nation – Leonard Guchu

With Guchu’s understanding of the weekend market, he combines production and content skills, an important requirement for this assignment. Guchu reports to the Managing Editor, Weekends. The Enterprise Editor will drive political coverage in the interim.

7. Regional News Editor, Eldoret – Patrick Langát

Langát’s exceptional abilities as a journalist were noticed when he was a correspondent in Kisumu and he has been developed through the Media Lab and other training. He is being promoted to the leadership of a critical station at a delicate time but management has confidence in his ability to navigate the turbulence of politics with integrity and professionalism. He will report to the Head of News.