Huawei has announced tech-upgrades to Huawei Petal Search, a search engine to discover and download games and experiences. These upgrades make the search experience result-oriented while enabling the user to extend the environment to other smart devices.

Adam Xiao, Managing Director, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and Consumer Cloud Service for Huawei Consumer Business Group MEA, said, “At Huawei, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of innovation and technology so that it can benefit consumers as much as possible. Since the launch of Petal Search, millions of Huawei smartphone users in the region have taken advantage of its extensive range of features.”

The upgrades to Petal Search include the revision to a more friendly experience from the URL bar. This includes the ability to return to previous search results.

Other improvements and features to the search engine include

Petal search revision: With a beautiful new design for a more user-friendly experience through a URL bar-initiated search. The user can also return to the previous search result after multiple searches. This makes the search journey smoother and as a result will improve user retention.

Auto-suggestion: Recommendations on suggestion page are now easier and faster. More information is now able to be displayed in the suggestion section providing the user with exactly what they want.

In-app push improvement: Campaign landing pages and results pages can guide users to enable notifications, and access information about brands, offers, and what matters to them.

Internal message: Users can now choose to receive internal messages from Petal Search such as announcements and promotional information. It is also easier and faster to check important information within Petal Search.

Petal assistant: To enhance the experience, Huawei has enriched what the assistant can do in Petal Search. ‘My Day’ allows users to see cards related to schedule management. ‘Moments’ Provides users with cards related to personal interests and scenario-based tools.

Petal search optimization: Now provides a Newsbox feed, search bar words and optimizes shortcut and hot word cards. This feature gives users richer information and improved operational capabilities.

Course box: The course box aggregates course material in two languages; English and Spanish. The Course Box will show when users search for a course-related query. Users can select from 21 course categories and 5 sorting patterns to obtain the most relevant course results.

Football player box: This solution integrates professional data such as player statistics and transfer history. This significantly enhances the richness of Football Player Box and building differentiation.

Shopping center: Is a business platform designed for e-commerce partners to upload and manage product data. Partners are able to efficiently manage products, build a campaign and push product data to the advertising system.

Travel center: A one stop portal for hotel owners, OTA (Online Travel Agent), and agencies. The Travel Centre helps commercial partners to upload and manage their hotel feeds, pricing, and optimizing and managing data feeds for Huawei Hotel Ads.