Glass House, an independent Public Relations agency in Kenya, will host the first inaugural Africa Digital Finance Summit (ADFS) from 18th to 19th February, 2021.

The theme of the event is Decentralized finance; our pathway to financial freedom. The summit is set to bring key business industry players to deliberate and map a way forward towards the future of finance in Africa.

Speaking at a Global Conference, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta stated that, “Africa is the last frontier of endless promise; thus, this summit aims to position Africa as the continent that innovative solutions in digital finance will be found and implemented successfully.”

Speaking about the importance of Africa being at the fore front in the digital revolution, Glass House’s CEO, Ms. Mary Njoki said that Africa’s rapid adaptation of digital solutions places the continent at the center of the digital finance discussion. “The digital space has decentralized so many services that can be accessed from anywhere and this is no different from the financial services. As Africa arises, the continent is rapidly growing as a consumer of the digital economy and it is time to bring the discussion to the continent,” said Ms. Njoki.

The COVID-19 global health crisis has shaken the different systems globally, and created an opportunity for economic transformation, demonstrating immediate benefits of financial inclusion. Governments across the region need to support digital finance in order to create a conducive ecosystem for economic growth.

The ADFS will comprehensively address issues affecting financial technologies innovations in Africa, while addressing policies and legislations. These will guarantee a sustainable conducive environment for the uptake of technologies and the empowerment of current and successive generations across Africa.