Who says you can’t watch cartoons as a grown up? Animations aren’t just for kids and with the growing number of adult-themed animations, you have every reason to sit and binge watch cartoons all day just like the good old days. Adult-themed animations have become ever so popular thanks to their light-hearted and uncensored humour. Hence, shows like Bojack Horseman, Archer and the like are a must-watch if you’re a cartoon lover.

Here are some great animations you can add to your watch list;

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Whether you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise or not, this animation will definitely have you glued to the screen. It’s created by Star Wars legend, George Lucas alongside animator Dave Filoni. It takes place in the Star Wars galaxy which is in a great war between the Sith and the Jedi that lasts throughout the series. Though it mainly focuses on the war storyline, the show includes several humorous moments that made it one of the highest rated cartoons on Cartoon Network.

2. Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty is pure comedy mixed with a bit of science fiction. The grandfather-grandson duo gets into lots of shenanigans in their inter dimensional missions while back home the Sanchez family also face their own kinds of challenges. While everybody seems to have their own reasons to despise the other, the family always reunites at the end of the day.

3. Archer

This is one of the most popular adult-themed animations of all time. Archer, a secret intelligence agent, defies all the rules during missions which infuriates his partner and occasional lover, Lana Kane. The two have multiple near death experiences which Archer compensates by making fun of the situation. Archer’s immature yet effective approach to life carries on all through the series winning the show a cult of an audience.

4. Disenchantment

Disenchantment is a new addition to the genre but it has already captivated a significant audience. It follows the story of a defiant princess who runs away from home after finding out she’s to marry a prince. She runs into a demon and an elf and the trio become partners in crime. They help the princess torture her step mother and defy her father using their magic powers.

5. Big Mouth

If you’ve ever wondered how the puberty talk would go if people said it as it is, you need to watch Big Mouth. It’s a no-filter comedy that follows the lives of several pre-teen kids as they navigate the world of puberty. Once they hit puberty, the kids get an assigned a hormone monster to help them figure out what’s happening with their bodies. The star-studded cast of Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph among others bring the show to life.

6. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers might be milder than Big Mouth but it has its fair share of dirty humour. Bob, the patriarch, runs a struggling but beloved burger restaurant along with his wife and three children. He does everything to keep his restaurant afloat while dealing with his family and friend’s issues including figuring out what his children’s are up to at all times.

7. South Park

South Park is the epitome of adult animations. It’s known for its extreme language and pushing the boundaries on a range of topics. Nonetheless, it’s a great watch. The show focusses on four friends – Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny – who all have very different personalities making their friendship dynamic comical. The boys often go against every norm often landing them in trouble both at school and at home.

8. The Liberator

The Liberator is an animated real life story of one soldier’s experience during the World War II. It follows him and his unit which mostly consists of Mexican-Americans and Native-Americans as they journey from Italy to Dachau, where they end up in a concentration camp. It’s far from the norm of most animations as it maintains a seriousness which feels rather unusual. However, it’s a different experience making it worth a watch.

9. Bojack Horseman

This animation does not shy away from painting grim pictures of reality. It follows the story of Bojack who had a successful career in a hit show. However, the show came to an end and he was no longer the big celebrity he once was. Bojack struggles to cope with this reality along with an estranged relationship with his mother. He becomes bitter, pushing away all his close friends and turning to alcohol.

10. Adventure Time

Adventure Time has the silliness of Rick & Morty which made it a popular show for both kids and adults. The 11-minute episodes feature a number of characters made of fire, candy and other forms of matter in a fantasy land where the only surviving human, a 10-year-old boy along with his shape shifting dog find themselves. It’s a bright and upbeat show full of positive themes
which is perfect when you need a pick-me-up.