With this kind of weather, going out is definitely not an option; unless getting soaking wet is what you fancy. If you need something to keep you entertained when you satay in, here are some of the series that I have been binged on this last couple of months.

1.  Bojack Horseman

This series is about a former Hollywood star who starred in a family themed hit series called Horsing Around. Now Bojack has it all, a house on the hills, a dysfunctional relationship with his publicist and Diana Nguyen who he has hired to write his biography. Bojack is seriously depressed and a dick as well, which could be due to his abusive childhood. Bojack is detached and afraid of vulnerabilty. He somehow always finds a way to sabotage things. I liked this show because of how it handles issues of depression, the dynamics of relationships and sexuality. Bojack is also Netflix’s most successful show. Another cool thing is you can follow Bojack on twitter.



2. 3%

Imagine a dystopian future where the Brazil is separated into two: The Offshore, a land of progress and affluence without sickness or lack and the other side which is destitute. Every year, 3% of the population from the other side are given a chance to go through the Process which is a series of challenges that tests whether they are fit to live Offshore.

The thing with dystopias like 1984 or Brave New World and 3%, aside from shaking me to the very core, is that we are probably a few years from such extreme realities.


3. OA

My friend put me on this series. When he explained to me what it was about, I was immediately curious. OA is centered round Priare Johnson, who resurfaces after missing for seven years. She turns up with extraordinary powers and claims to have seen the afterlife. Priare recruits five people from her neighborhood to help her find and save others like her who were held in captivity when she went missing.

This show will bend your mind and leave you on a cliffhanger that will leave you checking the internet for any sign of season 2.


4. Chewing gum

Every episode of this show left me in tears. It was created by Micheala Coel who’s character, Tracy Gordon is the most awkward yet the most extroverted of her crew. She is just doing her. Tracey has this almost childlike honesty. She says what she says without apology. You will definitely enjoy this one.

7. Abstract: The art of design

This Netflix docu series brings together the greatest minds in design from various fields ranging from a stage designer, an automotive designer, an architect, a graphic designer, an interior designer and photographer. It was dope to see how innovative these people were. My favorite episode was the one on Es Devlin. She was absolutely amazing to watch. Her out of the box stage sets have led her to work for stars like Beyonce and Kanye West. Her sets give you an immersive experience so that its not just about watching the performance on stage, but getting lost in the visuals as well.

8. Friends from college

Another series that made me laugh a couple of times. It is about a group of friends, Ethan: a struggling writer, Lisa: a hedge fund lawyer, Sam: an interior designer, Nick: the party animal with a trust fund, Fred: a literary agent, and Marriane: a yoga instructor. They all studied at Harvard and re-unite in New York. They are just hilarious, I mean the shows has it’s sober moments but overall it gives you a good life. It was interesting to watch how the dynamics of a relationship can be affected by external things such as finances.


9. You Me Her

I’ve haboured a curiosity of polyamourous relationships ever since I found out about their existence, so the second my friend suggested this show, I did not hesitate to watch it. Emma and Jack, who are married to each other and Silva, a college student who dabbles as a part time escort. Our soceity is very conservative on romantic relationhips that do not tick the box on heterosexuality and them being between two people. Jack and Emma face a whole new set of challenges with the introduction of a third person in their love life.


10. Big Mouth

Not sure how I feel about this show, it made me cringe a couple of times but it;s worth the mention. It is an animated series about a group of pubescent friends. It shows how they handle their new awareness of their sexuality, the changes happening to their bodies and how they handle their relationships now that they are growing older.