As we approach the end of the year and with the Covid-19 restrictions easing, a lot of peeps are going for the holidays that they had planned for but hadn’t been able to go courtesy of the pandemic. The challenge is that currently, one is likely to find that either most of the popular spots are already fully booked or some are not hosting any guests until next year. As such, vacationers have to think outside the box to ensure they have an enjoyable holiday.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a holiday destination.

1. Consider The Hidden Gems

As many holiday planners scramble for the popular holiday destinations, there are some hidden gems like Kika Lodge in Gigil or Rhino River Camp in Meru that offer an equally thrilling alternative. Additionally, you can enjoy a serene and isolated holiday at such a holiday destination since the location isn’t crowded with other vacationers.

2. Explore Your Home Area

Every county has something magical to offer. Therefore, one can look for a holiday destination in their home county instead of going to the usual holiday spots. This can save you the hassle of booking for transportation and even accommodation. The rural areas, especially, have unique experiences and fun adventure holiday options.

3. Consider The Age Of Family Members

Now more than ever, we want to spend time with our entire family under one roof. Therefore, when choosing a holiday destination, keep their needs and comfort in mind. A beach holiday is more enjoyable for younger people. As such, if you have family members who are past 60 years old, consider a more relaxed holiday destination.

4. Choose Appropriate Accommodation

There are people who prefer preparing their own meals even on vacation while others prefer to just put their feet up and have everything done for them. As such while planning for a holiday one needs to consider their partners preferences while booking. Essentially, those who prefer a homely feel can go with Airbnb while those who want to just chill can go with a hotel.  For instance, if you’re travelling as a group, it’s better to rent a house or book an Airbnb with enough rooms for all of you. The accommodation should also be somewhere close to the activities in the area.

5. Use A travel Agency

If you want to avoid the headache of choosing a holiday destination, approach a travel agency. Most of them have the option of customizing your holiday and all you have to do is go for a consultation. Additionally, you might get you accommodation at some of the popular spots which are sold out since travel agencies book their rooms early in the year.

6. Check The Political Situation

If you are traveling outside the country, to avoid choosing a holiday destination during an election year. You might find yourself in the middle of politicial chaos or even a coup when all you wanted was to go on holiday. Even if it doesn’t reach such extremes, election years are usually tense all over the world and the locals might not be as friendly thus dampening your holiday spirit.

7. Weather

We all want the same thing when choosing a holiday destination, sun. Whether you prefer a beach or an adventure holiday, a warm and sunny environment makes it more enjoyable as you’re able to do activities with ease. However, there are people who might be looking to spend their holiday in some snow. Knowing the kind of weather you want will help you pick the most suitable destination.

8. Remember Your Past Holidays

Try to highlight the best moments from other holidays you’ve been on and what made them special. This should guide you when choosing your next holiday destination. If you enjoyed the different cuisine, consider a place that has a vibrant food culture. If you’re travelling with someone new, consider their personality in judging what they’d like during a holiday.

9.  Diet

This is one area most people forget and only realize it when they’re at the holiday destination. People have different dietary requirements. Whether it’s a cultural or health issue, it’s necessary to ensure that your holiday destination caters for different dietary needs. If the destination doesn’t offer a specific diet, you can call ahead of time and let the hosts know if there are any special needs so that they can prepare.

10. Research The Activities

In order to make the most of your holiday, check which activities are available in that area. This helps you gauge whether you’ll enjoy your stay at that destination or it will be a waste. Choose a location that has activities which you can comfortably engage in. it doesn’t even need to be sporting activities. There are resorts that offer relaxing activities like yoga, massage, and meditation sessions.

11. Cleanliness

With the pandemic, you need to choose a holiday destination that maintains high standards of safety and cleanliness. Check whether they have guidelines and policies of how to interact within their premises. Also, you should confirm whether their staff conform with these policies. Aside from the coronavirus, you should always check the destination’s safety ratings to ensure you don’t get other kinds of illnesses like food poisoning.

12. Prepare The Necessary Documents

This mainly applies if you’re travelling outside the country. You’ll need a number of documents including a visa which some take a while to come out. You should never book a flight if you haven’t got your passport and any other necessary travel document yet. Additionally, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, you should enquire whether it’s safe for you to travel and get a medical report from your doctor in case you need to visit a hospital.