YouTube has announced that it will be reducing its streaming quality for users around the world. This is expected to reduce the bandwidth strain as more people log on to the internet at home to work or just for leisure courtesy of the Coronavirus.

As such, videos will start playing in standard definition (480p) quality by default. However, those intending to watch videos on HD will still be able to do so but will have manually select the option. This is unlike the past where the streaming quality was dependent on how fast your internet is. I have to say that those who have installed Safaricom Fiber are lucky in that the telco doubled the bandwidth for its clients at no extra cost.

Currently, other tech companies such as Apple and Amazon, have dropped their average bitrates in Europe. Netflix has also dropped their bitrates in Europe and the chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, hinted that Netflix could do the same thing around the world depending on local authority requests.