Tuskys Supermarket has launched a home delivery service in partnership with Kenyan delivery platform, Sendy. Through the service customers will be able to order online, pay via Safaricom M-PESA and then have their goods delivered.

Tuskys launched the service in response to the Coronavirus crisis where the Government urged Kenyans to practice social distancing. This new initiative is in effect encouraging the use of alternative methods to purchase goods from the supermarket chain.

Customers can now be able to buy from a choice of 30,000 goods through WhatsApp and email and have them delivered to them as soon as possible. To access the service, customers should just choose a supermarket that’s nearest to them.

The new Tuskys delivery service is available 7 Tuskys Supermarket branches which are located in Nairobi and its environs. The supermarket chain plans to introduce the delivery service to all its branches in Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru by the end of the month.

The supermarkets the home delivery service is currently available in are;

  • T-mall
  • Embakasi
  • Westlands
  • Athi River
  • Karasha
  • Greenspan
  • Milele
  • Ongata 1
  • Thigiri

To order via the new delivery service, you have to do the following;

1. Shopping list

Send your shopping list to the branch that is nearest to you via the specific WhatsApp number for the area you want order from. You can also send them a query of the prices of different items so that you can buy things that fit your budget.

To order use the following WhatApp numbers and email addresses, based on your location. The numbers and email addresses that you should use to order as follows;

  • T-mall – WhatsApp: 0110923781
    – Email:
  • Embakasi – WhatsApp: 0110923780
    – Email:
  • Westlands – WhatsApp: 0110923779
    – Email:
  • Athi River – WhatsApp: 0110923778
    – Email:
  • Karasha – WhatsApp: 0110909404
    – Email:
  • Greenspan – WhatsApp: 0110909412
    – Email:
  • Milele – WhatsApp: 0110909409
    – Email:
  • Ongata 1 – WhatsApp: 0110909408
    – Email:
  • Thigiri – WhatsApp: 0110923777
    – Email:

2. Availability

The Tuskys staff will let you know what is available and its cost. At this stage, you can be able to choose which brands whichever brands work for you and even choose brands or products based on their cost.

3. Total Cost

The Tuskys will then let you know the total cost of all the items. They will then send you the Till number so you can you be able for your purchases via Safaricom M-Pesa.

The till numbers for the different branches are as follows;

  • T-mall – Till number: 373132
  • Embakasi – Till number: 373104
  • Westlands – Till number: 504987
  • Athi River – Till number: 373109
  • Karasha – Till number: 978202
  • Greenspan – Till number: 373124
  • Milele – Till number: 373184
  • Ongata 1 – Till number: 373137
  • Thigiri – Till number: 373133

4. Delivery Charges

The cost of having the items to your premises will range from Ksh. 100 – 250, this will dependent on the weight of the items and distance from the Supermarket.