Safaricom has partnered with the Postal Corporation of Kenya (Posta Kenya) to enable its customers to be able to get virtual post office boxes at Ksh. 300 a year.

The partnership is under the Posta MPost service which provides virtual post office boxes and enables customers to receive mail without getting a traditional post office box. They just need to register for the Mpost service which

Under the new partnership, the two organizations aims to reach 5 million additional customers across the country. To access the service, Safaricom customers should visit or dial *234# (*234*1*9#) and register for a Post Office Box linked to their mobile number. The service will be available at a cost of Ksh. 300 per year.

When registering for MPost, customers will have the option of selecting which Post Office to pick their deliveries from by keying the Postal Code of the particular branch. Customers can also change their preferred Post Office at no additional cost by dialling *234#.

MPost box numbers will be in the format “P. O. Box 254XXXXXXXXX” where XXXXXXXXX denotes the customer’s mobile phone number, for example, “P. O. Box 254722000000”. Customers using the service will receive their mail at no cost as is the case with a traditional box, and they will receive an SMS notification whenever they have mail to be collected at their Postal Branch. The mail can then be collected over the next 7 days over the counter.

Customers can also choose additional services such as physical delivery of mail to their door step, or mail pickup for delivery. Both services will be offered at an additional fee per delivery based on the source or destination.