Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and TradeMark East Africa(TMEA) have signed a Ksh. 154.5 Million financing agreement. This is part of  TMEA’s initial funding to support KEPSA’s 5-year Public-Private Sector Dialogue (PPD) programme. The programme seeks to improve conditions for expanded trade and investment for Kenyan businesses, create jobs and grow the economy.

The PPD Program has six focus areas that is transport and logistics (Road, Rail and Air), trade facilitation, Customs & Tax, Standards and SPS,  Trade Logistics Cluster andTechnical Support for efficient Public-Private Sector Dialogue  frameworks. The Ksh. 154.5 Million will support the
PPD programme for the first 2 years.

KEPSA’s PPD Program aims to contribute to achieving 10% reduction in transport cost and time (road, rail and air); lobby for enhanced customs, port and other trade-related agencies efficiency to reduce service time to 48hrs through inter-agency collaboration, digitizing and
integrated trade management systems. An 8% overall reduction in tariffs, taxes and levies (including sub-national) and increased tax incentives. Enhanced efficiency of the Bureau of Standards, reduce related costs by 10%, sustain the war on illicit goods (counterfeit and sub-
standard goods by 30% and improve private sector compliance.

Ms. Brenda Mbathi the Chair of KEPSA’s Public-Private Dialogue, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Board Committee had this to say, “KEPSA and TMEA partnership has strengthened over the years and we are delighted that TMEA has committed to support our PPD work. We will yield a two-fold benefit from this grant as a result of the new approach which involves working together with the local sector-based
business associations, business associations representing foreign companies in Kenya and the civil society advocates of regional integration. One, fostering policy interventions geared towards catalysing growth of trade and investment for Kenya businesses, and, two, strengthening the private sector with more capacity for better coordination of strategic public policy dialogue. KEPSA will leverage on its membership, particularly the Business Associations, to implement this grant’s objectives.”

On his part, TMEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frank Matsaert had this to say, “Building platforms where the private sector is able to voice issues that are real and pertinent to the business environment remains critical in the larger sphere of our work. Such input enables development partners and governments to devise solutions that respond to real needs. We are glad to partner with KEPSA to make sure that dialogue takes place.”

At the same time, TMEA also signed a Ksh. 309 Million financing agreement with the The East African Business Council (EABC).  The funds will go towards supporting EABC’s  implementation of a 3 year programme, “Integrating Public-Private Sector Dialogue (PPD) for Trade
and Investment in East Africa Community (EAC) Programme”.