Heritage Insurance launches telematics powered motor insurance policy


Heritage Insurance Kenya has launched a motor insurance policy dubbed Auto Correct, which makes the use of telematics technology.

The Auto Correct motor insurance is powered by telematics technology, a method of capturing and processing driving data. The device collects and transmits driving behaviour relating to acceleration, braking and cornering, all of which are key factors in evaluating how well or poorly a vehicle is driven.

A comprehensive formula makes use of the driving data collected to calculate an appropriate driving score. Customers will get reduced cost of insurance through premium cashback at the end of each policy year, based on the customers’ overall driving scores. Good and careful drivers will therefore to be able to pay lower insurance premiums. The cost of insurance will be determined for each individual, based on their driving, scores as opposed to one rate for all drivers.

Auto Correct comes with a smart phone app, that provides driving feedback, weekly, monthly and annual scores as well as the accumulation and management of loyalty points. The app also provides information on where and how to redeem the loyalty points.

According to Godfrey Kioi, Managing Director of Heritage Insurance Kenya, which developed the solution in partnership with its technology partners, the customer is at the heart of this game-changing solution.

“Telematics is not limited to the pricing of motor insurance or driver behaviour. Our philosophy is cementing customer-centrism in the industry by engaging the customer and generating rewarding and memorable experiences. The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution is reshaping customer behaviour, creating a desire for personalisation and transparency from companies. With telematics, we can make more effective use of data to deliver enhanced customer experiences, while posting improved motor insurance results for our shareholders,” said Mr. Kioi.

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