Supermarket chain Tuskys has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with JKLP Global (Joram Kamau Leadership Programme) and Riara University to provide formal retail management training for Tuskys staff. The staff will training and accredited certificates from Riara University through JKLP Global.

According to the MOU, all 7000 Tuskys Staff will receive training which will be delivered through an online platform facilitated by JKLP Global.

“At Tuskys, we are delighted to be unveiling this partnership and look forward to equipping our staff in Kenya and Uganda with knowledge and skills to be best in their everyday work. We are committed to advancing formal retail management by nurturing talent at an academic and practical level as part of our contribution to social economic growth in East Africa,” said Mr. Daniel Githua, Tuskys CEO.

He added that learning never ends and that it is a lifetime experience. “I will be the first one to enroll in this programme as we give 7000 staff in Tuskys an opportunity to upscale their knowledge and skills.”

Tuskys a Kenyan supermarket that is privately owned by the children of Joram Kamau, the founder of the business. It has branches in Kenya and Uganda and by August 2018, it had 60 branches.

JKLP (Joram Kamau Leadership Programme) is a training consulting company that provides Tuskys with interactive, engaging, effective and efficient Learning Management Solutions to enhance customer experience, product knowledge and employee empowerment. The company is named in honour of the founder of Tuskys.

Riara University is a training and research institution offering courses such as Education, Business Administration, International Relations & Diplomacy, Law, Communication & Multimedia Journalism and Computer Studies.