After the successful implementation of the surveillance system for the National Police Service. Safaricom has now partnered with the Kenya Alliance of Residents Association to launch the estate surveillance system. This is in a bid to increase security in the member estates.

The initiative will begin with a pilot project launched in Ngei Estate Phase 2, Langata. Here the telco has sponsored a fibre connection to the estate that will be used to power surveillance to the estate’s two gates. They will also provide internet through one route at each gate and an installation of two cameras at each gate. To address the power issue, Safaricom has provided a solar kit for each gate which contains a solar panel, a charge controller and a battery. The estate management and security firm in charge of security will have access to surveillance feeds which will be made possible by Safaricom Cloud services.

Steve Okeyo, Director, Regional sales and Operations, Safaricom had this to say at the launch, “With the onset of fibre optic, we are looking to diversify our service offering and give customers a wide array of services as we roll out fibre to the home in different parts of the country. We are cognizant of the increasing demand for security both in our homes and the environments we operate in and hence the reason we are happy to partner with KARA to transform lives of residents of the member estates.”

So far, the Safaricom’s fibre footprint has surpassed 5,000km countrywide with the number of households connected being over 200,000.