Sue na Johnie is a Kenyan comedy drama series about a case of mistaken identity when Jonnie (Martin Githinji), a hustler, lands a lucrative job that was meant for someone else with the same name. He then hires Sue (Catherine Kamau) to play his girlfriend in order to maintain the lie.

1. It’s an award-winning show

It was a big winner at the Kalasha Awards which awards the best in Kenyan TV and film. It scooped three awards: Best TV Drama, Best Actor in a TV Drama for Martin Githinji and Best Actress in a TV Drama for Catherine Kamau.

2. The humour

When a show is written by Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja (who wrote for the Real Housewives of Kawangware) then you know your ribs will be cracking. There are a lot humorous and relatable moments on the show, like the struggle between kanjos and hawkers, playing on trends and stereotypes of boyz wa mtaa and instagram slayqueens and the matatu culture that is ingrained in Nairobi street culture.

3. Catherine Kamau

She is not one to mess with. Think of Cookie Lyon in Empire and you have an idea of exactly who you are dealing with. She has the street smarts, an arsenal of clapbacks and the right amount of muscle to intimidate those who cross her path. She is 100% total badass.

4. Sue na Jonnie’s on screen chemistry

No one else could have played these roles beside Catherine Kamau and Martin Githinji. Their hot and cold relationship is quite something. One moment they are roasting each other and getting on each other’s nerves, the next, they are plotting their next move. It’s your Kenyan Bonnie and Clyde, without the tragic ending, of course.

5. The drama

We all love a good drama, right? And Sue na Jonnie is not one to disappoint. They do a lot of crazy things to protect their lie, none of them wants to go back to their sordid lives before their unexpected windfall. You have your wig-snatching cat fights, jealous girlfriends threatening arson and the couple even conspiring on how to get rid of a dead body in order to destroy evidence.

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