Bernard W. Njoroge is a commercially savvy professional with a total of over fifteen years’ experience in the telecommunications, ICT and energy sector.

He started his career as a training manager with FedEx International and Company) and later joined DHL International. In 2007 he ventured into entrepreneurship with the founding of a logistics company called Benafrica Kenya Ltd which trades in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi. He also founded Adrian Kenya, a turnkey solutions and services provider in the telecommunication, power, and information & communication technology sector in East Africa. Adrian Kenya employs more than 300 employees.

Among the projects that Adrian Kenya has worked on include:

• LV/HV Line construction – KPLC
• LV/HV Line construction-Rural Electrification Authority
• Construction of communication towers and equipment buildings – KPLC
• Supplied and installed 81 mtrs wind masts and data loggers to GE Kenya wind power project
• Network roll-out for Mobile phone operators in Uganda
• Tower erection & equipment installation
• Network roll-out for Mobile phone operator in Rwanda ~ 20 sites monthly (Civil works)
• BTS maintenance/support- Nairobi, Eastern and coast region
• Successful running of the enterprise Business Unit:- Bespoke links installation and support
• Network roll-out capability ~10 sites/month (Civil works, tower erection & equipment installation)
• Decommissioning and recovery of GSM equipment for different mobile phone operators
• Installation of fibre optic cable: backbone metro in Uganda and Tanzania.

Bernard later set up a security company called Technology 21. It is a is an Independent Technology Specialist in Network infrastructure, Security systems and hardware. He is also an investor in the education sector with 2 very private primary schools i.e. Leandra Aberdares Academy and Scan academy both in Murang’a County. He is also a dairy farmer and enjoys spending some free time at his farm.