Road signs that you need to know


Knowing road signs will not only make you a better motorist but will also ensure you stay safe on the roads. For a majority of us, the last time we took time to study the signs was when we were preparing to take the driving test. As a consequence you find that many have forgotten what the various signs indicate.

For those like myself who might have forgotten some of these signs, here is a brief tutorial;

Road signs enclosed in a circular frame are usually prohibitive and require a user to adhere to them. An example is the ‘no left turn sign’

No left turn

Signs enclosed in a triangular frame serve to warn motorists of what lies ahead. An example is the ‘children crossing sign’

Children crossing

Here are some more road signs shared by Vivo Energy as part of their #RoadSafety campaign.

Falling rocks ahead
No overtaking
No right turn


Slippery road surface
Pedestrian crossing
No U-turn
T-junction ahead
Traffic merging on the left
Traffic signal ahead
Two way traffic
Uneven road surface
No entry for vehicles exceeding the width indicated


Priority for oncoming traffic
No entry for motorized vehicles
No parking or waiting
Riverbank with no barrier ahead
Road narrows from the right ahead
Mandatory speed limit
End of all prohibitions
No entry for vehicles exceeding 3.5 metres height
No entry for vehicles longer than 10 metres
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