The Ford Ranger is one of the best pickups around largely because of its toughness which is coupled with comfort. This particular cars is popular in Kenya and the 2016 versions were launched here in April last year.

Ford distributors in Kenya, CMC Motors, sells the following variants.

• Single cab 2.2L 4×2 and 4×4
• Rap cab 2.2L XLT
• Double cab 2.2L Base, XL+ and XLT
• Double cab 3.2L XLT M/T, XLT A/T and Wildtrak A/T

A shared thing in all the Ford Ranger variants are driver assist features that ensure that you are safe and comfortable as you navigate Kenyan roads.

Here are some of the driver assist features that you can find in the Ford Ranger models. It is important to note that some features are only in certain models.

1. SYNC®2 connectivity system

The voice-activated SYNC 2 feature is an in-car connectivity system that comes with a eight-inch colour touchscreen and advanced voice control for easier access to audio, navigation, climate control and compatible mobile phones. It gives the driver quick and easy control of some carfeatures especially when they are driving.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature, when activated, allows the driver to set cruise control speed and following distance from the vehicle ahead. It automatically accelerates and brakes the car while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It can also automatically adjust the set speed for comfortable travel and can also bring the car to a full stop when traffic halts. This feature is only available in the Wildtrak.

3. Cruise Control

It comes with a speed limiter that helps the driver not exceed the selected speed. This feature is standard on the XLT models.

4. The Trailer Sway Control

This feature helps the car to not sway through information received from acceleration and steering angle sensors. If swaying is detected without appropriate driver input, the Ranger will correct itself automatically.

5. Adaptive Load Control

Smart technology that assists you confidently to keep loads under control by providing vehicle stability.

6. Hill Descent Control

With this feature, brakes are automatically applied, as needed, to slow the vehicle to a set speed without the driver needing to touch the pedal. Speed can be adjusted through the accelerator and the Cruise Control buttons on the steering wheel. The feature works in both forward and reverse.

7. Hill Launch Control

The Hill launch control feature helps the driver pull away on steep climbs.

8. Front and Rear Park Assist

This feature assists the driver to park the car. It uses sensors to detect obstacles and provide audible warnings when the vehicle approaches obstructions. It has a rear-view camera gives a clear view behind the vehicle. It is available in selected Wildtrak models only.

9. Individual tyre pressure monitoring system

This feature shows air pressure readings for each tyre and alerts the driver when an individual tyre is low.

10. Rollover Mitigation

This feature closely monitors the vehicle’s speed, lateral acceleration, yaw motion and steering angle, and will identify potentially dangerous driving conditions that would lead to the vehicle rolling over.  Rollover mitigation intervenes by controlling the vehicle’s speed and restoring stability.

11. Emergency Brake Assist

This features helps provide additional pressure to the brake system to increase braking force when you apply the brakes quickly in an emergency.

12. Lane Keeping System

Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid work together to help to prevent the driver from unintentionally drifting out of a lane when driving at high speeds. If the forward-facing camera detects the vehicle is straying from its lane, Lane Keeping Alert warns the driver with a vibration in the steering wheel. If no action is taken to correct the drift, Lane Keeping Aid applies steering torque to guide the vehicle back into its lane. It is available in Wildtrak only.