Ford has today announced the launch of Ford Protect in Kenya. Ford Protect, an extended service plan, is a holistic maintenance solution that will take care of unexpected vehicle repair costs.

Vehicle problems of any kind are some of the primary expenses for motorists. Poor road conditions that cause high levels of traffic congestion, poor road surfaces, heavy dust conditions and low-quality fuels dictate that vehicles in Kenya require far more frequent servicing than in other markets. This contributes negatively to the total cost of ownership (TCO) every owner must contend with for the duration of vehicle ownership.

The Ford protect plan will be free for all Ford brands with the exception of Ranger Single Cab 4×2 and 4×4 variants. The plan will cater for all service and maintenance costs for a period of between three to five years.

The plan covers routine service, parts and labour costs for engine oil and filter changes. Multi-point inspections, spark plugs, fuel and air filters and maintenance of parts such as brake pads and linings will be covered as well. The vehicle’s shock absorbers, clutch disc, engine belts and hoses, and wiper blades, will be covered when worn.

The service will be offered at CMC Motors’ eight locations across the country. CMC Motors distributes Ford cars in Kenya.