Whether you’ve just gotten on Snapchat, or you’re an avid Snapchatter, besides your friends and the Kardashians; there are plenty of interesting people to follow right here in Kenya. Here are a few Kenyans you should follow on SnapChat;

1. Mandi Sarro

Mandi Sarro

The foodie from Capital FM shares her recipes, her wanderlusts and wonderful cooking hacks on Snapchat. If you already love watching her throwdowns, then she’s just a search away from being a part of your snapchat feed. Follow her on Snapchat:

2. Nick Mutuma

The handsome actor documents behind the scenes of his acting career, day to day life as well as fun parties he attends. Considering everything he’s got going for himself, from acting in Shuga to being the South African Airways ambassador, he has several interesting stories to share. Follow him on Snapchat:

3. Vera Sidika

Even on Instagram, the curvaceous socialite posts her fair share of stories, just so you don’t forget her lavish lifestyle. This is coupled with occasional advice from relationships to body and beauty. However, if that’s not enough for you, she is also on Snapchat, where you can enjoy more of the same. Follow her on Snapchat:

4. Huddah Monroe

We cannot mention Vera without bringing up Huddah. She’s probably the most followed Kenyan celebrity on Snapchat. She enjoys showing her viewers her expensive habits, and they absolutely love watching. Her snaps can boast up to 60,000 views daily. Follow her on Snapchat:

5. SautiSol

Sauti Sol

You hear their songs on the radio, and in the clubs. You can also go behind the scenes of the bands’ day to day activities and see what they are up to when they’re not making smash hits. Follow them on Snapchat:

6. Joe Muchiri

The Capital FM radio presenter and production manager is at times known as the ‘bad boy’, considering how his snaps frequently capture him in the club setting, gulping down on booze and dancing to music with friends. By day, his snaps show him at work behind the microphone as he talks away, engaging his listeners. Follow him on Snapchat:

7. Victoria Kimani

Step into the life of Victoria Kimani, from her studio sessions, concert preparations, recreational activities, and interviews by adding her to your snapchat feed. Follow her on Snapchat:

8. Anita Nderu

As a radio presenter at Capital FM and a voice over artist, you can watch Anita Nderu move around (literally a few car selfies here and there) and perform her work related tasks. She’s also keen to show her viewers her latest hairdo or made up face and glamorous appearance. Follow her on Snapchat:

9. Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi isone Kenya’s best storytellers on Snapchat. Her whole dynamic is based on lifestyle, her successful YouTube channel and blog thrive on picturesque moments that capture the best of fine living, so it’s no surprise that her snapchat would thrive off the same energy. Follow her on Snapchat:

10. Snap254

Snap254 features Kenyans from all walks of life giving a glimpse of their lives. It mostly features Kenyans in the diaspora and it’s always interesting to see how different Kenyans live. Follow them on Snapchat:

11. Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Wangechi Kihoro is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress, radio and reality television personality. She rose to fame after she participated in the widely watched Tusker Project Fame, where she became one of the finalists. Fast-forward a few years later, and you can now stay up to date on her eventful activities on Snapchat.  Follow her on Snapchat:

12. Swahiligal

She considers herself, an Afro Hijabi, island girl. Her YouTube channel focuses on her life in Lamu, and you can get even closer to her everyday activities on snap chat. Watch her snaps while on her travels, among other exciting adventures. Even more interesting is that similar to her YouTube videos, she doesn’t fully show her face in her snaps.  Follow her on Snapchat:

13. Namuks

Namuks captures Nairobi’s stunning scenery and beautiful people. He has a captivating Instagram account and his Snapchat gives a behind the scenes story of his photos. Follow him on Snapchat:

14. Sonal Maherali

Sonal Maherali

Sonal aka Shoe Queen, is a mom of four with an unhealthy shoe obsession. She has a bustling blog and Instagram account. However, if that’s not enough to quench you ‘shoe queen’ appetite, you could always follow her on Snapchat. You can watch more of her lavish lifestyle, as well as her YouTube updates, where she videos even more of her shoes.  Follow her on Snapchat:

15. Swahili Snap

Swahili Snap

Swahili Snap is like Snap254 and different Swahili people from all over the world get to host. It is an interesting glimpse into the lives of people who are perceived to be largely conservative but in reality are not. Follow them on Snapchat: