Total Kenya in what will be good news for motorists has today unveiled a new range of fuels namely Total Excellium Petrol and Total Excellium Diesel. These fuels are supposed to be able to clean up the engine as you drive thus giving it long lasting protection. A clean engine will be efficient, economical and most definitely last longer while at the same time reducing carbon deposits.

These are the benefits a motorist can expect from the new fuel.

Engine will last longer

Carbon deposits tend to form in the engine as the ordinary fuel burns up, using the new fuel cleans up the engine hence enabling it to maintain its performance. The anti-corrosion technology also ensures that the engine requires less maintenance hence reducing your costs.

Fuel efficiency

An engine which is clean that is basically without the carbon buildup will be more efficient and will consume less fuel. The new fuel contains detergents which clean up the sensitive engine parts like the fuel injectors and intake valves.

Less pollution

The fuel promises to improve the running of your engine thus reducing on the emissions like carbon monoxide. This will go a long way in protecting our environment.

Less foaming for diesel

Total Excellium Diesel has additives that result in less foaming especially during filling.

The fuels which will be sold at the same price as the ordinary diesel and petrol seems to be a bid to eat into Shell’s market share as it has similar fuels (V Power) though sold at a higher price. If the fuels are any good I might even think of jumping ship from Shell.