Kingfisher Apple fruit wine launched in Kenya


Kingfisher has a new apple variant just 3 months after the original strawberry variant got a new bottle. Kingfisher Apple was launched last night by its manufacturer Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL).

Kingfisher Apple will be sold at a recommended retail price of Ksh. 160 and will be available in a returnable glass bottle. The bottle is green in colour and very similar to the strawberry one. It has 8% alcoholic content.

Kingfisher Apple

The new drink is sweet and would work well by itself or as a mixer. At the launch the drink was offered with two shots of Viceroy brandy (also a KWAL product). The main target for this drink is women.

The two Kingfisher drinks are fruit wines and are made from fermented fruits. KWAL has produced Kingfisher since 1982.

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