Java House hits new low with customer finding a snail in their salad

Snail in Java House salad

When you are going to eat out at a restaurant, you assume that the food has been prepared to the best quality and that the restaurant is clean. This assumption is especially true when the restaurant in question presents itself as a premium restaurant.

A snail found in a salad at Kenyan restaurant chain, Java House, has reignited conversations about quality control and general cleanliness at their outlets. It was found by Fred Chumo who took a picture and Tweeted it.

Java has had issues with food quality control and general branch cleanliness in the past. Some customers have complained of food poisoning and the discovery of worms in their food. Cockroaches and even a rat have been sighted at one of their branches. Some of the ones that have been shared are featured below.

Every single incident has been followed by a promise of action from Java but unfortunately, it seems that there hasn’t been much change. Hopefully, there will be actual follow-up after this latest incident as it would be a shame to see Java’s reputation receive irreparable damage.

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