It is the comeback season for the pioneers of the Kenyan music industry. Nyashinski is causing ripples with his single Now You Know (Read about it here). Now Wahu has collaborated with Uganda’s Cindy Sanyu, former member of the Ugandan girl group Blu3 in the song Yeye. The two are what you would call a blend of feisty and spicy. I have to give it to them for looking great in the videos ,they clearly take care of themselves. Wahu’s husky voice is still there though the bridge at the very end is better than the verse. Cindy brings the dancehall vibe with a garnish of Ugandan phrases.One thing I have always admired about Ugandan artists is that there always bring a little of home in collaborations.

The video was directed by Nameless (David Mathenge) and JBlessing and it is aesthetically tasteful. One can always spot a video where a good number of coins have been spent. The subtle product placement of Subru Motors shows great professionalism on behalf of the crew, producers of local programmes should take notes on this.

Having an all girl video, with the exception of a muscle man, was a good fit in the wake of feminism. All the girls had a ball in the video with the two doppelgangers having undeniable chemistry.  Wahu being an established artist allows her the freedom to release a song sporadically and have a hit each time. It was a risky move to pull but it seems to be working for her thus far. Between being a mother, a wife and business woman we hope Wahu will continue to make music. Lastly, can Cindy and Redsan make some music together? Something tells me that it would be a definite hit.