The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition whereby Filmmakers compete to see who can make the best film in 48 hours. What happens is that within those 48 hours you are expected to have scripted, cast, shot , edited and submitted your film. Each team is allowed to randomly pick the genre of a film. After which you are given a specific character, prop and/or line of dialogue that you need to work into your script.You are also expected to submit your film on time lest you lose points for lateness. The longest your film can be is seven minutes.

There is no monetary value gained from the competition as both cast and crew are volunteers and you have to cater to all the production costs. However, it is both exciting and challenging for the participants. The project culminates in the screening of all the films and people get to vote for their favourite films in the various categories. One of the films that was an obvious crowd favourite was ‘Bait’ by Kibanda Pictures. The film won six awards in 2015 project including Best Short film and Audience Choice Award.

Kibanda Pictures is a local Film Production company with a mission to tell Kenyan stories the Kenyan way. In addition to winning at the 48hr Film Project, ‘Bait’ represented Kenya at the Filmapalooza Festival in Atlanta.They also scooped the following awards at the 2016 Riverwood Awards; Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

As luck would have it, Bait has been shortlisted among the top 15 short Films from across the globe to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival –short films corner- between the 16th May and 22nd May 2016.

The team now needs our help to send two of it’s members Likarion Wainaina ( Director) and Brian Munene (writer) to France for the festival. They are looking for support in either cash or kind to ensure that they get to France by the 16th of May. This support will go towards catering for: return air tickets to France (2 pax), accommodation, visa application fees and upkeep while in France. Their target is USD 6000 and you can click here to contribute.

Show your support for our film industry by contributing towards sending these passionate ambassadors of film to the Cannes Films Festival. A place where they can interact and learn from the best .

Check out their film here.