It is about that time of the year when we make endless promises to be better versions of ourselves. Truth is we only have enough drive to hold our end of the bargain for a few weeks. The minute we are back to our usual routine we court complacency and our resolve melts away. This futility can be attributed to setting unrealistic goals. Surely how do you set out to work out three days a week yet you do not even know where the local gym is? You would rather have two New Year’s goals and surpass them than have ten folds only to be miserable this time next year. As you make your list be sure to include these ones;

Save More

Financial experts advise that you save 30% of your pay and invest 10% of your income. While this seems impossible, you just need to do it one step at a time. Get a fixed account and put away a few pennies away. Do that and in six months you will be have more to your name than the depressing M-PESA balance. If you cannot trust yourself set up a standing order with your local bank to ensure that you save a given amount every month.

Give back to society

Allow me to clarify this does not exclusively mean tithes and offerings which is a topic for another day. Find a cause that you support and give your money, time and talent to the people who need it the most. It could be something as simple as giving those clothes that you no longer wear to a children’s home. Gather your friends and go to Kenyatta National Hospital and stop by the Children’s Cancer Ward those little angels will bring out the best in you.

Find your passion

First of do not quit your job to pursue pottery or whatever it is your heart yearns for, till you have a plan. It will save you a lot of heartache. If you work eight to nine hours and even less on the weekends, join that dance class you have been meaning to take for ages.  Start your blog, two posts a week will suffice till you learn the ropes. Instead of watching movies all day and bingeing on fast food, buy that cook book and finally learn your way around the kitchen. After you start making a decent amount of money off it that can meet your expenses, then you can quit your job. However, do not burn bridges with your former employers, they just might become your clients in the future.

Cut yourself some slack

Do not always sweat the small things as you run the risk of losing your mind. Learn to delegate so as to ensure you get personal time. Real personal time not include social media but quite time to think and reflect. It is fine if you do not achieve your to-do-list once in three months. Do not be too hard on yourself. Do what you can, humanity will fix the rest.


Many shy away from travelling because it is ‘expensive’. Expensive is very relative. Travelling could be a road trip to Siaya, I understand it has quite the scenery. Take a hike in the Ngong Hills and check out Naivasha soon after that. There are some excellent blogs that will give information on where you could go the next if you have a weekend to spare without damaging your pockets. Travelling will widen your scope and improve the way you think.

Grab a book

Invest in good books. Reading edifies the mind. Social media is awash with book clubs that share book titles that have changed their lives. See what suits you best and immerse yourself in the world of words, you will be pleased. Having no time to read is no longer an excuse because the internet has made available audio books that you can play even when stuck in traffic or at the bank as you wait your turn. The number one rule is that do not lend out a book you do not want to lose.

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