Madison Life Assurance Kenya has donated 10 double crank beds to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in support of the hospital’s Adopt a Bed initiative.

‘’This donation marks the beginning of a three-year journey we are starting with KNH where we commit to support the Hospital build its capacity to provide wholesome care to its patients,’’ noted Mr. Githua Ngaruiya, MD Madison Life Assurance, during the event.

Madison Insurance has been in discussion with KNH on long term partnership opportunities whereby the insurance will support upgrading of specific wards at the hospital.

‘’As an insurance company, Madison offers various insurance products that bring it in contact with hospitals such as KNH on a regular basis. It is important that we work in partnership with public hospitals so that they care ready to provide high level care to all patients who interact with their facilities,’’ added Mr. Githua.

On his part, KNH CEO Dr. Evanson Kamuri thanked Madison Insurance and welcomed them to partner with the hospital in other initiatives.

‘’We would like to thank Madison Insurance for the kind gesture, and I can confirm that we are in discussion for them to support the hospital in upgrading one of the wards which we hope to conclude soon,’’ noted Dr. Kamuri.

Kenyatta National Hospital initiated the Adopt a bed campaign to increase the number of double crank Hospital beds available to patients admitted at the hospital. The double crank beds provide comfort to patients and have more functionalities for specialized treatment offered in the Hospital. This initiative targets to mobilize 2,000 beds in order to enhance the quality of care and promote quick recovery for admitted patients.

“These beds will help in service delivery since the patients will spend their treatment days in comfort. They occupy small spaces compared to the beds which were there before. Our healthcare workers will continue helping patients and give our best to ensure positive outcomes,” Kamuri said.

KNH currently employs more than 6,000 staff and has at least 1,800 beds.