Safaricom has launched a new post pay tariff dubbed Advantage plus which is meant to be an improvement to the Karibu Post Pay tariff. They had unsuccessfully tried to scrap off this tariff earlier this year but had to back track after it raised a storm on social media.

The new tariff will have three access points; Advantage Plus Superior for Kshs.2, 999.00 which entitles you to 1,500 minutes of talk time to all networks, 1,500 sms to all networks and 3 GB of data, Advantage Plus Premium for Kshs.4, 999.00 will entitle you to 3,000 minutes to all networks, 3,000 sms to all networks and 6GB of data, Advantage Plus VIP for Kshs.9, 999.00 will entitle you to 9,000 minutes to all networks, 9000 sms to all networks and 18 GB data.

The downside of this tariff is that the package will only be available on a 30 day basis with no roll over of resources. Existing Karibu post pay customers will be able to enlist for the new packages but on a voluntary basis, with their resources moved to Advantage plus but the prevailing expiry dates will apply. This can be interpreted that you will lose your unused accumulated minutes after 30 days.

Subscribers will be able to sign up for the service using their phones a welcome departure from when one had to queue at safaricom outlets. Subscribers just need to dial *100# from their prepay lines or *200# from their postpay lines.