The Zanzibar International Film Festival, Africa’s most credible and probably oldest as well- having been established in 1998, has announced its selection of films that will be aired at the festival. This year’s event is set to take place from the 18th to the 26th of July, 2015.

The list contains 25 feature films, 44 shorts and 27 documentaries from over 30 countries across the globe selected from a total of 419 submissions. ZIFF had previously announced that SELMA, the movie showcasing Dr. Martin Luther King’s activism will be aired on the opening night of the festival; here is a list of all the films that will be viewed at the festival;

Feature films
Director, length in minutes and country of origin

Algun lugar/On the Road Somewhere by Guillermo Zouain (70) – Dominican Republic
Beautiful Tree , Severed Roots by Kenny Mann (70) – Kenya
Diamond Tongues by Brian Robertson and Pavan Moondi Canada
El mal trato/Maltreatment by Daniel E.V. Yudin (68) Chile
Fievres/Fevers by Hicham Ayouch (90) – France
Habibie and Ainun by Faozan Rizal (121) – Indonesia
Jongo Love by Emma Roger (98) – Kenya
Kutakapokucha by Simon Mwakifwamba – Tanzania
Munnariyippu/ The deadline by Venu N – (114) India
Mr Kadamanja by Adam Kuambiana (164) – Tanzania
Nightrunners by Rowan Nielsen (89) – Kenya
Pishu by Leah Mwendamseke (83) – Tanzania
Pride by Matthew Warchus (119) – UK
Selma by Ava DuVernay (128) – USA
Single Zero by Timoth Conrad (62) – Tanzania
Strength of a Woman by Gilbert Lukalia (91) – Kenya
Sugarcane Shadows by David Constantin (84) – Mauritius
Superstition by Paresh Gondaliya & Zziwa A. Alone – Uganda
The Gods of Water by Pablo Caesar (115) – Argentina/Ethiopia/France
The Last Drive-in Theater by Iber̻ Carvalho (98) РBrazil
Wazi?FM by Faras Cavallo (62) – kenya
Timbuktu by Abdrehmanne Sissako – Mali
Morbayssa by Cheick F. Camara – Guinea Konakry
City of Violence by Jerome Salle – South Africa
Price of Loveby Hermon Hailay (99) – Ethiopia

Director, length in minutes and country

21 Icons – A Journey to Democracy by Adrian Steirn (45) – South Africa
Abasezi (The Nightdancers) by Aemile Dinneen (78 minutes) – Ireland/Uganda
Bintou Simone by Catharina Gaul (68minutes) – Germany
Croc in a Museum – Rwanda
Daddy’s Wedding – Dubai
Dancing With Maria by Ivan Gergolet (75) – Italy/Argentina/Slovenia
Grandma Knows Best? by Tamara Dawit (16) – Ethiopia
Life In Progress by Irene Loebell (99) – Switzerland
Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara by Lara Lee (60) – Western Sahara
Low Season by Madeleine Dallmeyer (41) – Germany
Maramaso by Ashley Beckett (53) – Kenya
Mbwa Mwitu by Farid Uwezo (20) – Tanzania
Moussa Diallo: The Man and the Music by Helle Toft (72) – Denmark
NAPPS- Memoire Of An Invisible Man by Tami Liberman (31) – Germany
Obohozi by Caroline Odongo & Gitura Kamau(98) – Kenya
Papa Machete by Jonathan David Kane (11) – U.S.A.
Prisoner 467/64: The Untold Legacy of Andrew Mlangeni by Lebogang Rasethaba (53) – South Africa
Red Over the Rainbow by Baumont Vincent (27) – Vietnam
Shadeism: Digging Deeper by Nayani Thitagarajah – ( Canada
Shadow Fighters by Josefine Heimburger – Denmark/Tz
The Beauty That I Sawby Benjamin Abrams (51) – U.S.A
The Broken Heart by Fabian Püschel – Germany
The Hustle by Ashraf Said Mswaki (25) – Turkey
The Rwandan Genocide: Reunited Through Polaroids by Colin Crowley (5) – Rwanda
The Springboard by Joseph Ndayisenga (63) – Burundi
Twende! Let’s go! by Silvana Zancolo (52) – Italy
Ady Gasy by Nantenaina Lova (81) – Madagascar

Director, length in minutes and country of origin

92 Dreamin’ (Animation) by EscarlaAbreu (4) – United States
A Coeur Ouvert by Ayekoro Kossou (16) – France
A Promised Rose Garden by Lisa Violetta Gaß (Gass)(33) – Germany
Agi / by Elegy Yousef Kargar – Iran
Amor a Primera vista/ Love at first sight by Mark Playne (14) – Spain
Angles of my Face by Manu Maina (22) – Kenya
Artificio Conceal by Ayoub Qanir (16) – U.S.A.
As I Am by Sihle Hlope(14) – South Africa
Bahar in Wonderland by Behrooz Karamizade (16) – Germany
Camouflage by Andreas Kessler (8) – Germany
Castillo y el Armado (animation ) by Pedro Harres (13) – Brazil
Detour Michael by Leong-Huat Kam Kam – Singapore
Ella Kim Münster – Germany
Every Day is a Small Life by Lou-Brice L̩onard (27) РFrance
Faraja by Nasir Al Qassim – Tanzania
Green Gold/ Gruen Gold (animation) by Barbara Marheineke (13) – Iran/USA
Harsh by Danilo Baracho (8) – Brazil
Intellectual Scum by Njue Kevin (14) – Kenya
Islands by Tajinder Hayer (16) -United Kingdom
Italian Standoff by Marcel Becker-Neu (12) – Germany
Jaya by Puja Maewal (18) – India
Kilimo 2 (animation) by Neema Reed(6) – USA
King of Guangzhou by Quester Hannah (14) – China
Lahza by El Waleed Gamal – Egypt
Lami (Animation) by Christophe and Olivier Defaye (2) – Japan
Mousse by John Helberg (41) – Sweden
Prelude to a Torn House by Carlos Esteban Godoy Acosta (29) – Colombia
Ram by Miransha Naik (25) – India
Red Card by John Rabaud (3) – Mauritius
Routine by P. Sam Kessie (14) – South Africa
Samaki Mchangani/Fish of the Land by Amil Shivji (30) – Tanzania
September by Mark Wambui (54min) – Kenya
Shehnai by Haroon Habib (16) – Pakistan
Soko Sonko /The Market King by Ekwa Msangi (22) – Tanzania
Taweez- The Talisman Writer by Ali Hakin (20) – Germany
The Dinner by Aylin Basaran (15) – Germany
The Girl by Shashwati Talukdar (8) – India
The Last Will by Dustin Loose (21) – Germany
The Legacy of Rubies (Animation)by Ebele Okoye (28) – Germany
The Road we Travel by Aidan Belizaire (37) – Uganda
Tjitji the Himba Girl by Oshosheni Hiveluah (22) – Namibia
Oritsha’sJourney by Abdul Ndadi – USA
Uthando Tulanana Bohela – South Africa
With Best Regards by Bernhard Wenger (5) – Austria

The Zanzibar Film Fesival (ZIFF) is sponsored by ZUKU and gives special attention to the visibility of women and children’s interests, and those of the youth. One of the Kenyan Films that will be showcased at the festival; Angles On My Face aired at iMax in early March, you can read bout the same here.