Florence Kamaitha

Florence Kamaitha

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) has announced the first 1000 African entrepreneurs to take part in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP). The Entrepreneurship Programme was launched in December last year and it is a multi-year programme of training, funding, and mentoring that is designed to empower the up and coming African entrepreneurs. 1,000 African entrepreneurs will be chosen to be a part of the TEEP program every year for 10 years which means that 10,000 people will take part in the program in total.

Over 20,000 African entrepreneurs from 52 countries applied to the programme this year. The winning entrepreneurs represent different sectors like agriculture, education, fashion and ICT. The top five countries in terms of numbers of winners are Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Ghana.

Accenture evaluated each application based on then selection criteria and then the TEEP Selection Committee, made up of successful entrepreneurs and development experts from across Africa, came up with the final list of winners.

The 1,000 selected entrepreneurs will take part in an intensive online training curriculum, mentoring, and participate in a two-day entrepreneurship boot-camp and the Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum. The over 19,000 entrepreneurs who were not selected will be invited to join the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Network where they will be able to further hone their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

168 Kenyans were among the selected entrepreneurs and include Pad Heaven’s Florence Kamaitha and Amanda Gicharu of Amanda’s Kitchen. The full list of Kenyans is below (Find full list of 1000 TEEP entrepreneurs HERE)

  1. Adel Collins, Agriculture
  2. Agan Stephen, ICT
  3. Akello Sarah, Tourism/Hospitality
  4. Amalia Alfie, Others
  5. Amayo Meshack, Others
  6. Amolo Gabriel, Multiple
  7. Ayugi Peter, Energy/Power Generation
  8. Ayuka Dickson, Agriculture
  9. Baithili Moses, Agriculture
  10. Baraza Njalalle, Agriculture
  11. Beta Evans, Commercial/Retail
  12. Bikens Samwel, Multiple
  13. Busalire Onesmus, ICT
  14. Chana Mohamed, Energy/Power Generation
  15. Chege Grace, Agriculture
  16. Chege Martin, ICT
  17. Chesseto Charles, Agriculture
  18. Dr aghan Oscar, Construction
  19. Effie Serah, Fashion
  20. Fanuel Jethron Ayumba, Education and Training
  21. Gard Tom, Agriculture
  22. Gicharu Amanda, Others
  23. Gichuhi mwethera Peter, Healthcare
  24. Gikonyo Cyrus, Manufacturing/Industry
  25. Githinji Nicholas, ICT
  26. Githongo Sammy, Agriculture
  27. Gitonga Alex, Agriculture
  28. Howard Elizabeth, Financial Services
  29. Imisa Eileen Ambasa, Education and Training
  30. Imunde Everlyn, Education and Training
  31. Ireri Zachary, Agriculture, Financial Services
  32. Jumba Nebert, Agriculture
  33. Kabarita Hiram, Agriculture
  34. Kabogo Josphat, Education and Training
  35. Kaburu Jesse, Education and Training
  36. Kadima Vincent, Multiple
  37. Kaiyoni Marrion, Agriculture
  38. Kamaitha Florence, Manufacturing/Industry
  39. Karimi Francis, ICT
  40. Kariuki James, Agriculture
  41. Kariuki Kenneth, Construction
  42. Kenneth Guantai, Manufacturing/Industry
  43. Kevine Omanyo, ICT
  44. Kiburu Allan, Agriculture
  45. Kima Ann, Others
  46. Kimaru Peter, Agriculture
  47. Kinyua Gibson, Agriculture
  48. Kipchirchir Chumba, Agriculture
  49. Kiuma George, Manufacturing/Industry
  50. Kivungi Zephaniah, Energy/Power Generation
  51. Koech Reuben, Commercial/Retail
  52. Koech Vincent, Transportation
  53. Kosgei Jonathan, ICT
  54. Lamwenya Kennedy, Energy/Power Generation
  55. Lewanyee Lekamandah, Multiple
  56. Machera Mumbi, Agriculture
  57. Makalliwa Alex, Others
  58. Manyara Samson Kiriinya, Agriculture
  59. Mark Osiyo odhiambo, Agriculture
  60. Matheka Cyrus, Healthcare
  61. Mayison Nicodem, Multiple
  62. Mbindyo John, Commercial/Retail
  63. Mburugu Antony, Transportation
  64. Mohamed Wahida, Agriculture
  65. Mtongolo Caroline, Agriculture
  66. Muasa Henry, Agriculture
  67. Muchiri Kenneth, Agriculture
  68. Muchiri Brian J.W., Agriculture, FMCG
  69. Mugambi Dan, Others
  70. Mugendi Edwin, ICT
  71. Mukandie Cornelia, Others
  72. Mulei Geoffrey, Manufacturing/Industry
  73. Mumbo Jason, Media and Entertainment
  74. Munene Julius, Agriculture
  75. Mungai John, Education and Training
  76. Munuve Ancent, Multiple
  77. Muriiithi Winnie, Commercial/Retail
  78. Muriuki Patrick, Agriculture
  79. Muriuki Gerald, Education and Training
  80. Murunga Elizabeth, Others
  81. Musela Saphan, Agriculture
  82. Musyimi Patrick Matei, Agriculture
  83. Musyimi Clement, Transportation
  84. Musyoka Christopher, Healthcare
  85. Muthee Kevin, ICT
  86. Muthiani Joseph, Commercial/Retail
  87. Mutua Paul, Agriculture
  88. Mutugi Timothy, Textile
  89. Muturi Stephen, Agriculture
  90. Muturi Nickson, Agriculture
  91. Mwanduka Brian, Energy/Power Generation
  92. Mwangi James, Construction
  93. Mwanziu Jane, Multiple
  94. Mwaura Geoffrey Gitau, Agriculture
  95. Mwenda Kelvin, Agriculture
  96. Mwiti Koome, Multiple
  97. Mzirai Didas, Construction
  98. Nahinga David, Construction
  99. Ndongwe Tapuwa, Energy/Power Generation
  100. Ndungu Anthony, Multiple
  101. Ndungu Joseph, ICT
  102. Ndung’u Tabitha, Agriculture
  103. Ndwiga Ian, Waste Management
  104. Ng’ang’a Andrew, Financial Services
  105. Ngugi Joseph, Agriculture
  106. Ngugi Janet, Education and Training
  107. Nickson Tom, Healthcare
  108. Njenga Catherine, Waste Management
  109. Njeri Janet, FMCG
  110. Njihia Paul, Construction
  111. Njuguna Robert, Multiple
  112. Nudi Levit, Healthcare
  113. Nyabuto Tonnie, Others
  114. Nyagah Ruth, Agriculture
  115. Nyalwal Margaret, Multiple
  116. Nyamongo John, Agriculture
  117. Nyamwaya Elly, ICT
  118. Nyangoya Clement, Education and Training
  119. Nyariki Lily, Commercial/Retail
  120. Obuya Ken, ICT
  121. Ocham Nicholas, Construction
  122. Ochieng’ Richard, Multiple
  123. Odhiambo Oyaro, Agriculture
  124. Odinya Jackson, Manufacturing/Industry
  125. Ododa James, Multiple
  126. Odongo Benard, Manufacturing/Industry
  127. Ogutu Patrick, Energy/Power Generation
  128. Oketch James, Agriculture
  129. Oketch Noah, Commercial/Retail
  130. Omari Japheth, Manufacturing/Industry
  131. Omondi Collins, Others
  132. Onyambu Eric, Agriculture
  133. Onyango Peter, Multiple
  134. Osborn Tom, Energy/Power Generation
  135. Oteyo Tom, Transportation
  136. Otieno Calleb, Agriculture
  137. Otieno David, Haulage/Logistics
  138. Otula Ian, Education and Training
  139. Owuor Tom, Agriculture
  140. Oyugi Albert, Construction
  141. Paul Martin, Intellectual Property Services
  142. Peter Susan Mwikali, Agriculture
  143. Philip Kibet, Financial Services
  144. Rigu Samuel, Agriculture, Waste Management
  145. Ronoh Philemon, Agriculture
  146. Ronoh Eric, Manufacturing/Industry
  147. Ruga Martin, Manufacturing/Industry
  148. Rukaria-kaumbutho Rachel, Healthcare
  149. Sakari Charles, Education and Training
  150. Shikuku Sharon, Construction
  151. Simon Gachaguah, Agriculture
  152. Sumba Samson, Education and Training
  153. Tumbo Jairus, Manufacturing/Industry
  154. Tune Jimmy, Transportation
  155. Twahir Said, Energy/Power Generation
  156. Wachieni Samuel, Agriculture
  157. Wafula Ronald, Manufacturing/Industry
  158. Waikunu Asuntah, Education and Training
  159. Wairimu Charles Gitau, Agriculture
  160. Wambita Annie, Healthcare
  161. Wandabwa Herman, Commercial/Retail
  162. Wandera Fedinard, Financial Services
  163. Wanene Sarah, Agriculture
  164. Wanjau David, Agriculture
  165. Wanjohi Angela, ICT
  166. Warui Winston, Agriculture
  167. Wesonga Victor, Agriculture
  168. Olu-sawyerr Natina, Education and Training