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The holiday season is in full swing with Christmas and New year around the corner. As revelers look forward to the festivities, most are still stuck on what to do for the holiday. Majority of the corporates break a few days to Christmas and you’ll probably find yourself with a lot of time in your hands. Here we look at a suggestion of 15 things to do over the holiday period. Though the list is endless.

1. Travel

One of the things common during this period is traveling. Many Kenyans choose to go upcountry during the Christmas period but you can also use the time to travel to other destinations, whether alone or with friends/family. The beauty about Kenya is that there are a lot of beautiful places one can visit outside the common places like Mombasa. You can check out some suggestions here for Nairobi and Kisumu

2. Movies/series

If you’ve been busy you probably want to catch up with the latest movies in town. This could give you an excuse to visit the nearest movie theatre or just stay in and watch your collection of movies and series. Check out for the latest movies.

3. Host friends/family

The Christmas period is one of the best times to host a party or get together for your friends and family. Just make sure you stock up on enough food and beverages to feed the whole village.

4. Read a book

Another thing you can do during the holiday is to catch up on the books you’re yet to read in the year. With enough free time during the day, you can read as many books as you possible can before the new year starts.

5. Volunteer

Christmas is not only a season for receiving gifts but sharing as well and one of the gift people tend to forget is time. If you dont feel like indulging in some of the activities mentioned above you can spend the holiday period volunteering to different cause, charities or institutions like orphanages.

6. Push a hustle

Another way to spend the holiday is to think outside the box and use the period to make some extra money. You can use the free time to start a small hustle like delivering food and drinks, especially since most people will be organising for parties et all.

7. Clear your to do list

You probably made a bucket list at the start of the year of things you wanted to do and you are running out of time. The holiday can be a great time to try and clear items on the list.

8. Go for concerts

There are concerts going down right, left and centre during the holiday period and they offer a perfect plot if you have nothing much to do. Check out for the latest events in Kenya.

10. Go shopping

Whether you’re buying gifts or spoiling yourself, the holiday gives you a perfect time to take advantage of end of year sales and buy items at discounted prices.

11. Learn a new skill

With time on your hands you can use the holiday period to pick up skills that do not require a lot of time to master. These could include cooking lessons, dancing and many more.

12. Go out partying

Last but not least, the holiday period is the perfect time to go out paint the town red and engage in all manners of debauchery. Just remember to drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. 🙂