Breakups can be tough (and hilarious too) it seems. Most of us can’t handle seeing our exes with someone else, especially if the ex is one of our rivals. The phrase “accept and move on” is normally bounced around but what happens when you’re a brand and a customer decides to break up with you on social media for your competitor brand.

It all started with the tweet below.

wp_ss_20141120_0002A friend of mine, decided after years of being a loyal customer to Safaricom, that enough was enough and the best thing to do was to move on to Airtel. As we live in a digital age, he decided instead of sending out flowers and chocolate, he would tweet his goodbye. Airtel responded by welcoming him on board and promised to appreciate him more.

Safaricom of course couldn’t let him go without putting up a fight.


Leaving out Airtel in the response. The guy decided they should recognise his new love.


Of course Airtel decided to rub it in.

wp_ss_20141120_0005And he wasn’t left behind.


Safaricom (like all exes 😉 ) reminded the guy of their previous “vow”.


And got this instead.


By now the assumption was that Airtel had won the race.


Still wondering if the wooing was taken offline or we’ve seen an end to this saga. Watching out for the second episode 🙂