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The Kenyan government is tasked with many responsibilities and one of the main one is to insure that it offers the best security for its citizens from internal and external threats. These range from attacks by other countries, terrorist organisations to criminals in the country. Of late, the matter of security has been a hot topic especially with the incidences in areas such as Kapedo and Lamu.

The question remains as to whether the government is doing enough to ensure that there is sufficient security for its citizens. For most the answer is no. Despite their knee-jerk reactions such as sending the Kenya Defense Forces to such hot spots, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. From those in charge of security organs to the structures set for response to security issues. The government has left a lot to be desired.

One of the main issues is as to whether the Kenya Defense Forces should have been sent to these areas. The Kenyan security organ has the likes of the Kenya Police and the General Service unit who are tasked with ensuring there is enough internal security. Does the sending of the KDF signal a failure in the part of the internal security issues? The KDF are responsible mainly for the security from external threats and should be used internally as a last options.

One of the areas the government needs to work on is the intelligence sector of the security organ and ensuring the police are properly equipped and trained to deal with internal threats.

Those in charge of security organs, from the Cabinet Secretary to the Inspector General, should be held accountable for the failures of their offices. The fact that the President has not yet called them out to be accountable leaves a lot to be desired.

Insecurity in the country is at a critical point and major steps need to be taken to ensure we, the citizens, feel more secure in our country.