Which passports are most accepted around the world?


Following a recent report by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) – Singapore, who by the way have a library of genuine samples of passports from countries around the world to help officers pick up skills on telling real from fake, Kenya is ranked number 60 internationally, together with Gambia, Lesotho, Namibia and Thailand, having visa-free access to only 68 countries of the 219 countries surveyed for the latest Visa Restrictions.

This number somewhat is a poor reflection of the power on a Kenyan Passport holder because it means for you to travel globally you need to apply for Visas to more than half the number of the 219 countries surveyed!

South Africa and Botswana are the only African passport holders ranked higher than Kenya, enjoying 94 and 70 visa-free access of the 219 countries respectively, with an exception of the island countries Seychelles and Mauritius, who have visa-free access of 126 and 123 of the 219 countries surveyed!

Citizens of Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom held the best passports for global travel last year, with visa-free access to 173 countries whilst Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan passport holders had the least visa-free access.

For the original story visit The Straits Times, Singapore.

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