All you need to know about the Nakumatt Global Card


Nakumatt Global Card

The Nakumatt Global card is both a prepaid debit card and a loyalty card. The Nakumatt Global card is a collaboration between Nakumatt Supermarket, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), and MasterCard.

Getting the card

You can get the Nakumatt Global Card from any Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or DTB branch.

If you get the card from Nakumatt you can use it immediately but you’ll have wait 72 hours if you get it from either KCB or DTB.

You will need a copy of your ID and to fill an application form.

How to top up

a. You can top Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or DTB branches. It is free.
b. You can top up via MPESA Paybill Number 516606 (The account number is your mobile number). MPESA charges apply.

Cost Implications

1. To get the card you pay:

a. Kshs. 100 at Nakumatt
b. Ksh. 500 at KCB and DTB

2. It is free to use and top up via Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or DTB. However, when topping up via MPESA. MPESA charges will apply.

Benefits of the card

1. You can shop with it in Kenya and abroad where they accept MasterCard.
2. You will earn smart points every time you shop using the card
3. You can use it to shop online
4. You get SMS alerts every time you use card
5. You can access and download your statements at
6. You can load and use multiple currencies.

  1. I am having problems with the online management, . proving impossible to login. and customer care is not responding to my complaints.

      1. From the nakumattglobal site, I am asked to enter the first 6 digits of my card. this redirects me to I enter my phone number and the passsword sent through SMS. This takes me to a One Time Registration form. I fill in the details, click continue and get the error ;
        Session / Page Expired
        Your Session has expired or System Error !!

        1. Use Internet Explorer to access sites like these. For security purposes, banks limit other browsers so cookies tend to expire much faster. I’ve experienced this. Anything to do with your finances online, use IE not G Chrome or M Firefox.

        2. session expires when you click on any item more than once, so you need to be patient, card pack ID is your Loyalty number and Log in ID is your full card number 524…

  2. This NakumattGlobal card is a problem. had put my cash in it and then got embarrassed their network was offline. also logging in is a problem. Its only good for getting loyalty points dont risk using it as a credit card. the customer service is poor if non existent.

    Mine is on DTB whose network is always problematic. Was not told how to what is loggin ID……………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! i just gave up eventually.

  3. I was coming to check what is the maximum one can have on this card and also how many transactions are allowed per day!

  4. Excellent initiative; very poorly implemented
    – MPESA to card payment has failed to go through several times, followed by a long wait (several days!) for the reversal
    – The website is a nightmare- keeps giving errors and timing out; many of the menus often don’t give the desired output e.g. Statements, transaction history

    1. The 516606 pay bill number is for cards supported by DTB, for KCB cards use the pay bill number 522522.

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  6. Dear Nakumatt, your website just took away the excitement out of the Nakumatt card holder experience, you literally can not do anything online, the login in process is a hideous loop, Disappointing 🙁

  7. Yes you can’t. I LOVE the card it’s fantastic but but the site site is a mess …total mess! I use thé card for everything in and out of kenya but but I practically can’t check my points on the site nor can I check my balance. That means using a debit card without knowing how much you are allowed to use and running into the embarrassment of swiping it with an insufficient balance. Trust me i hate that. I have to go to Nakumatt just to get a balance. That one problem has to to be fixed. I wonder what company Nakumatt paid to develop that stupid site…totally useless!

  8. Can one transfer funds from paypal to nakumatt global directly? Does Amazon accept kcb powered nakumatt global mastercard for payment in it’s platform?

    1. Transferring funds from paypal is not possible. Paypal does accept the Nakumatt Global Card.

  9. Ha I thought I was the only one suffering. Login attempts keep hanging. I’ve never actually successfully logged in since I received the card.

  10. The card is a good innovation but info on use is scarce or inadequate .Can one check the balance via sms? Also I made deposit to my nakucard a/c using a friends phone but never got the confirmation on my mobile line.I cant check the balance unless I take my card to nakumatt. A bit frustrating. Is one allowed to make deposits in such a manner.Find out how I’m earning a second income with the best Internet biz.You can earn commissions up to 12 levels deep of earnings from active affiliates. Join me

  11. if paypal doesnt accept nakumatt global card, then what could be the alternative means of payment apart from paypal which will accept the nakumatt globall card?..

  12. You can only use internet explorer for this.

    For cards linked to DTB, go to the DTB website and click on ‘Online Banking’.
    – Select ‘Prepaid Cards’.

    – A Nakumatt card will be displayed, select ‘Log In’.
    – It will direct you to a Nakumatt Portal. Log In using your mobile number OR Login ID.
    (Not both. I prefer using my mobile number)

    In the event that your Internet explorer broswers ask ‘Allow Popups’, select “Allow for this site always”.
    Complete the login process, change passwords and you’ll be in.

    The online portal allows you to know your cash balance on the card as well as open multiple currency accounts and know their cash balances. Lastly, download the Nakumatt global mobile banking app. It is available for both:
    1. Android (, and
    2. iOS platforms (

    The app makes life even more convenient.
    PS – For the KCB linked card, try going through their website. I didn’t personally do it.

  13. Hey. I had one card and everytime i went to use it they said the chip is spoiled. Now i changed to another card and i cant even access it online. I cant byy anything onlyne. I receive the messege “invalid card number” kindly assist. What is the problem or all the nakumatt cards cant work with online shopping??

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